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(Forum for members to discuss dieting information)

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    Default Help my fat friend!!
    So here's the deal. Buddy is a big guy, 6'3, 295lbs. Used to be in great shape, turned forty, has 2 kids, etc.... He's gone back to the gym, and is hitting the weights big time. He is getting noticebly bigger. He would like to drop some fat, probably about 50-60lbs. He lifts for about an hour 4 times a week, and is hitting the eliptical after that. The fat is just not coming off though, and I think it is a diet issue. Can anybody help me come up with a sample diet for him? For example, breakfast lunch and dinner, along with snacks. If someone can help with that, then I can help with substitutions to change things.


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    im sure any of the lean diets on the board could help out, he is a big dude, even with 2500+ cals he could drop weight

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