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    increase mass not fat
    I'm on a good lifting program right now and I am a fairly healthy eater, got to feed the cravings in order to stay on a good diet though. Anyways, I'm losing fat and cutting up. I'm wanting my mass to increase without putting on fat again. Is there a delicate balance between caloric intake and bulking up or does bulking up come from just your lifting program?

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    gaining mass is completely related to caloric intake.

    increase your calories until youre gaining about a pound per week or two weeks. Gaining weight faster than that will almost undoubtedly be fat, and gaining weight any slower will be unbearable.

    Chances are probably pretty slim that you partition 100% of your excess calories to muscle, so some fat gain will be inevitable, but assuming decent genetics and a non-retarded diet, youll be fine.

    Also, assuming your a noob, you will without question run into people who tell you that in order to gain weight you have to eat everything in site while dealing with ridiculous amounts of fat gain, incredible as it sounds. I promise you, these people are goons.
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