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(A forum to discuss anything to do with competitive bodybuilding. Who's gonna win the Mr. Olympia? When is the next Pro or Amateur bodybuilding show? Whats the best way to dry out before going on stage? Ask it all here.)

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    Smile Yo all - a litte help please :-)
    Hi guys,

    female here, age 27, - want to do my forst comp next year, I will be training with a female and male bodybuilder to get me there. Seeing as this is a year away what would your opinions be on diet? Bulk now, cut 16 weeks before comp?

    Cheers all

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    you need to give a little more info: like your weight bodyfat and what division you are shooting for. just in general i would say you are going to need 16-20wks of good solid hard core dieting regardless. low and slow is the way to go leading up into a show

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