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    Ok so I am going to be 41 this year and my wife will be having a baby this summer, so I decided that after 22 years of training to compete just one time before I am a dad. I have never been completly clean. I first started just trying to gain weight a a 120 lb high school kid that always got pivked on. I began my quest for size. I made it up to about 2oo pounds. Now I am 15 weeks out from my first and only show. I was using test Cyp for a while alone and eating everything to put on some mass. I was solid but had a bad diet. As of today everything is perfect. I wake up at 6AM have a cup of collee and my adderal because I have ADD, It kicks in and I start 45 minutes of cardio on a empty stomach. Then I follow my friend/trainers diet. Meal 1 8 eggs, 2 yokes, 1 cup oatmeal. 2 hours later 8 ounces plan baked chicken with 1/2 cup brown rice. 2 hours later 8 ounces plain chicken 1/2 cup brown rice, by this time I have finished 2 quarts of water. an hour later 24G protein shake. Two hours after that 10 ounces chicken with broccol. Then a while after that 2 scoops NOEXPLODE and off to the gym. I train about 6 days a week. I come home and have a Cell Mass shake wit 24 G protein. Then 2 hours later10 ounces fish and broccoli, then 24 g protein and bed. All day I take Aminos, omega 3s. and Glutamine. Right now I am doing 200 mgs of QV Sust and 200 mgs of QV EQ (bold) I also take an Anavar in the morning and one at night. Since I was on Test Cyp I stayed on until the Sust and EQ kick in then I will taper of the Cyp. I pinned up 3x this way every 5 days. I also have 3 bottles of tren enthanate. I am starting to feel it, but want to make sure I have other people's opinions. This will be my first and only show and if I could place top 3 I'd be happy for masters class and a guy that started off at 125,
    So - Please add your input and be kind my levels are through the roof I am sure so I just tool an Arimadex. What are your recomendations. I have Test Cyp, 2 bottles QV Bold 200 mgs, 1 QV Sust 250, 3 bottles Tren entenate, 250 B/D Anavar, and 100 prescription Anavar. I have propecia, B12, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and some Clomid.
    I was going to continue 1cc tren, 1cc sust, 2 annavar a day, and back off the test cyp, snd Annavar.
    Let me know what you think I should do with that stack, and if I should get some Masteron. Thanks Stay Strong.
    I think I have enough time where I can still gain wass as I am cuttin. I am looking forward to changing it up.

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    I think you're taking to much juice.the meals sound fine.cardio is good . you definitely do not need mast.hopefully you are taking liver detoxifiers and some estrogen blockers with all of what you are taking.i don't know what you look like so i can't say what else you should be doing.

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