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    Beginner Body Builder needing guidance
    Hi guys.
    Im a beginner in the game and i need some advice. Im 22 yrs old and weigh in at 230 pounds and my BF is 13 - 15 % .. im competing in my first contest in november and i need help with the dieting and training. I have a pre contest course which includes ... TREN , TEST PROP , HEAT , CLEN , WIN , T3 and all the post cycle therapy (pct). Please could you guys help me out as im in it to win it. Im dieting currently and it includes , 6 meals a day ,, three meals include cards and the other dont... please help a fellow builder out guys ..

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    what help do you need ...

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    you need to provide a little more info on what your diet and training looks like

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    ok my diet consists of 4 egg white's , oats and plain yogurt in the morning for breakfast ... i then do some cardio for about 30 mintues high and low intensity, at 10am i eat rice , tuna , peas , beans and brocalli and the same at lunch time, i then do resistance training at about 5 pm and i normally train just one body group eg chest on monday and back on tuesday etc. I do 4 sets of varying reps and weights. i will do my first set light but lots of reps and then go heavy and then back to light with reps. After training i have a shake and eat my dinner which consists of mainly chicken and green veg with no carbs...

    I did my body fat today and im 12% at 98 kgs ... im wanting to get lean but im afraid of losing muscle mass... I will only start juicing in september and i have just come off a course of 10ml deca and 20ml sust250 ( with all the pct's)

    Should i do another course for mass before i take my tren and test prop with all the cutting stacks or should i wait and how to i maintain the muscle mass and lose the body fat. I was told not to go below 90kg weight wise ... Its my first time and i dont want to make a fool of myself..

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    Any Other Site Or Service To Set Up A Diet Weight Loss Blog?

    I'm a fitness coach and I'm trying to build a fitness diet and weight loss blog, but have no blogging or site skills. Has anyone used the service below, or can you tell me where I can get one done for about $75?

    [url=]Blog Development & Private Label Rights Content And Video On Blogging[/url]

    I have tried posting projects on sites like elance but I'm getting quotes of five hundred dollars which is too high. I would need a few pages of content, hosting, autoresponder. I would like to run Adsense on it and some other diet affiliate programs I know about.

    Please give me some options. If anyone can build a blog for me then PM please.

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