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    Evaporation of water from suspension
    In theory, the water used to make a suspension could be evaporated off with the b.a. and leave you with the remaining molecules of your test base. Has anyone ever done this?? Say if they wanted to take the water based susp. they had and change it over to be used with e.o. as a carrier instead.
    I tried this with 2 10ml bottles, stoppers removed, in my dehydrator at a low temp. What i was left with wasn't the powder at the bottom of the vial tho. INstead, it's a yellowish, clear, thin solution at the bottom. Probably in the neighborhood of 1.5-2 mls. Would this just be the b.b. and ps80 i used to make the suspension with the powder dissolved in the bb? That's right at what it would equal adding in the displacement of the powder. So i'm curious and want to be certain.
    I know water and alcohol (b.a.) will evaporate, but will bb and ps80?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liftinghard500 View Post
    Say if they wanted to take the water based susp. they had and change it over to be used with e.o. as a carrier instead.
    I have never tried this, but just out of curiosity, is there an advantage for converting a water based Test suspension into an Ethyl oleate based?

    I tried this with 2 10ml bottles, stoppers removed, in my dehydrator at a low temp. What i was left with wasn't the powder at the bottom of the vial tho. INstead, it's a yellowish, clear, thin solution at the bottom. Probably in the neighborhood of 1.5-2 mls. Would this just be the b.b. and ps80 i used to make the suspension with the powder dissolved in the bb?
    That's very possible, because from the info I found, BB evaporates (Flash point) at around 158 įC (316 įF).
    Therefore, your dehydrator at low temp could not have removed the BB.

    I don't know what ps80 is. If you know what it is, you can Google for its "Flash Point" (this is the temp for evaporation).

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    The last time I converted some pellets, I made half a box into test base powder. I had made some water based before this way, but I was just experimenting to try and see if i could get it any smoother. Almost everyone that spoke on the issue said the test base with e.o. as a carrier at 100mg was 10 times smoother than the water based, even at just 75mg/ml. So I made half using a water based recipe at 75mg/ml and the other half at 100mg/ml using e.o., guaiacol, bb, and bb.
    After trying it though, I just stook with only using the e.o. stuff lol. I agree myself that it's 10 times as tolerable. I think it's much more consistent as well. There's no shaking it like crazy and still having some powder left when u get towards the end of a vial. That alone makes me feel like the inject.'s i was taking e.d. varied greatly.
    But that's the only reason I did. I was just scared to try the water based stuff again, and I would just mix my test & tren in with the e.o. test base so I would only have to take half the shots. I couldn't do that with the water based.
    Great advice on the flash points and just checking the msds's on the solvents, cant believe i didn't think of that.After checking, nothing but the water couldve been close to the evap./flash point temp tho. PS80 is polysorbate 80. Hopefully it didn't damage the test molecules at that temp b/c it set in there for about 6 hrs, but this is also the way i dry out my test prop powder as well and it's always super strong and works great. I'm gonna try it though, instead of just tossing it. I hate to waste anything, even if the heat ruined half of the molecules, getting 50mg/ml out of it instead of 100 is still not worth trashing to me lol.

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    I know this is long but it is a recipe along with instructions,

    ** The recipe below worked and is used to make 20 ML of test no ester (testosterone suspension in water) at 75mg per ML. **

    Supplies I used:

    *2 ML Benzyl Benzoate (10%) (use a 3mL syringe to measure out)

    *.4 ML Benzyl Alcohol (2%) (use a 3mL syringe to measure out)

    *.6 ML polysorbate 80 (3%) (use a 3mL syringe to measure out)

    * 1.5 grams very finely ground test no ester (testosterone base) powder

    * one 5ML syringe used to suck up and hold the above hot solution ingredients. This is the syringe that is attached to the .20um whatman filter (which is in turn attached to an 18 gauge needle into a sterile crimped 20mL vial)

    * Mortar and Pestal (usually run about $20 or so) This is very necessary to turn your grainy "sugary looking" test base powder into a test base powder with the consistency of powdered-sugar or talcum powder.

    *butter knife (for scraping the test powder that gets stuck to the bottom of the mortar to free it so it can be re-pestalized some more)

    *18 gauge and 25 gauge needles

    *15.9 ML pre-sterilized water or distilled water your preference

    *1 unsterile 20ML vial (no top) and 1 sterile 20ML vial (crimped and sealed)

    *1 small funnel (pre-cleaned with rubbing alcohol) used to add the 1.5 grams TNE to the unsterile 20ML vial without spilling

    *glass rod

    *2 whatman filters (one to filter the hot BA,BB,polysorbate 80, tne solution) and (one to filter the 15.875 water) Note: I don't use .45 um micron filters, only the .20 um micron filters by Whatman..Spidey once talked about an experiment his friend did. His friend used a .45 um micron filter to filter an oil based hormone solution..his friend ended up with a staff infection..his friend had to take antibiotics in a hospital to get rid of the infection..Spidey then took the original vial his friend used and re-filtered it using a .22 um micron filter...Spidey used the newley .22 um micron filtered solution for weeks and did not get an infection of any kind. Some say Brave man Spidey! But apparently the .22 um micron filtering catches more of the stuff that a .45 can't catch.

    *2" high frying pan filled about 3/4's high with water

    *stove or hot plate

    *clothes hanger

    * 20ML syringe pre-filled with 15.875 distilled water or some pre-sterilized water.

    * couple of 3ML syringes used to measure out the BA, BB, and the polysorbate 80.

    * 30 or 29 gauge slin pins for shooting, would recommend twice a day (every 12 hours) injects,
    however, William LLewellyn states in his new book "Anabolics 2006" that "Many reference materials have not given this steroid the proper credit, stating it to be a very crude and ineffective product. Although it may contain testosterone without the benefit of an ester, the MICRO-CRYSTAL design of this injectable will in fact sustain an elevated release for 2-3 days. The suspension we see today is clearly not the basic water plus testosterone design used in the 1940's. And since the drug will not leave circulation in a matter of hours, it is obviously useful. This is not news to the many Americans bodybuilders who have had a chance to experiment with this item, and regard it very highly...A quick shake will temporarily place the drug back into suspension, so that the withdrawn dosage should always be consistent."

    * 1 unsterile vial used to hold the 1.5 grams of finely powdered test no ester (the 1.5 gram granular powder was measured out into 5 equal sections, and each section was ground by hand in the mortar and pestal for a total of 4 times. After each grind, the test powder would tend to adhere tightly to the bottom of the mortar, and had to be scraped off into the middle (with the end of a butter-knife) then re-ground with the pestal for a total of 4 times for each section, to achieve very very fine powder. I was pouring sweat after doing about 20 total grinds and had to turn the ac down some more! But I wanted to make sure it was as fine as I could get it. I want this final solution to be able to go thru a 30 gauge slin pin. The 5 finely powder ground sections were then re-combined and re-weighed to make sure I still had 1.5 grams of test no ether powder. The 1.5 grams of powder was added to the unsterile vial with the use of a small funnel... then the benzyl benzoate was added, then the benzyl alcohol was added, then the polysorbate was added.

    The unsterile vial with the above ingredients was then put into a hot water bath which was brought to boiling, then reduced to a slow simmer. The vial was suspended into the middle of a pan with the hot water via a metal hanger with a circular loop on the end to hold the vial. As the solution became hotter and hotter, the ingredients would all merge until you could no longer see any test no ester granules floating anywhere, it became a nearly completely homogenous solution. The solution in the 20mL vial was stirred every now and then with a glass rod.

    The pan was then removed from the slow simmer onto another burner which was not on. The solution was then sucked up with a 5ML syringe with an 18 gauge needle.

    on the table to the side was a sterile vial setup with a .20 um micron whatman filter, 18 gauge needle and a 25 gauge needle off to the side to relieve pressure like you see used all the time.

    The 5ML syringe with hot solution was then attached to the whatman filter and pushed through to the sterile vial. The solution dropped through the filter one drop at a time as long as necessary force was applied to the filter. After a few minutes, all of the solution was filtered into the sterile vial.

    The pan of water was then put back on the burner and turned up to cause a slow simmer. The sterile vial was put into the clothes hanger and suspended in the hot water bath. After the solution became very hot again, then the 20ML syringe with 18 gauge needle holding the 15.875 of distilled water was .20 um micron whatman filtered into the sterile vial which was sitting in the hot water bath simmer. This took only about 15 seconds.

    * I allowed the solution to sit in the hot water bath (on low-heat simmer) for about 10 additional minutes. This is not necessary however.

    * the sterile vial was then removed, but the 25 gauge pin was still left in as the vial cooled to relieve excess pressure.

    * While hot and even after the solution cooled to room temperature it took on the appearance of milk, the solution was shaken for a while for additional mixing, and is still holding its homogenous milk appearance even after 20 minutes or so.

    * I used Diablo's revised method posted above instead of Spidey's, but just made it at 75mg/mL instead of at 100mg/ML.

    * 2 hours later and the solution still looks just like milk at room temperature.

    * May not be necessary, but I bake vial in the oven on bake at 250 degrees F for 15 min with 25 gauge pin stuck in it, then cool it in the fridge for 15 min, then back to the oven for 15 min, then back to the fridge for 15 min, then repeat this process one more time for a total of 3 times. If for some reason a microhole is left in the rubber top that compromises the integrety of the top after the 25 gauge pin is pulled out after all the baking, the micro-hole can be sealed with a tiny drop from a hot glue gun.

    * Shake well before use

    * I found the injection to be painless, flowed easily thru a 30 gauge BD insulin needle.

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