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    Synthesizing Testosterone from DHEA
    anybody tried this out?

    Testerone from bacteria culture
    US Patent # 2,236,574

    Suspend 40g yeast in 160 ml water and add, if
    possible, 1.5g of disodium hydrogen phosphate and
    potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Shake in oxygen
    atmosphere for 1 day and then add lg (1000mg) DHEA
    suspended in 150ml of
    water and shake for another 2 days in oxygen
    atmosphere. Then add 130g invert sugar (or brown sugar
    or honey) and let stand 3 days at room temperature.
    The mixture is then extracted with three 50ml portions
    of ether (shaken with the
    ether then the ether separated) or methylene chloride,
    and the ether washed by shaking with water and
    separating ether solution. Evaporate ether to get

    (cypionate and propionate)

    Dissolve 5g testosterone (or analog) in 25mi pyridine
    or dry ether and add 3g propionic anhydride (or
    propionyl chloride) OR cypionyl
    chloride(cyclopentylpropionyl chloride) to get the
    propionate and cypionate
    respectively. Let stand over night and add excess
    water, filter, wash, and dry.

    Steroids Related to Testosterone

    Oil-soluble derivatives of testosterone itself predate
    those of its 19-nor congener, these agents too are
    used to administer depot injections so as to provide
    in effect long term blood levels of drug. Thus,
    acylation of testosterone with propionyl chloride in
    the presence of pyridine yields
    testosterone propionate; acylation by means of
    decanoic anhydride yields testosterone decanoate.
    Finally, reaction with 3-cyclopentylpropionyl chloride
    affords testosterone cypionate. This last undergoes
    hydrolysis unusually slowly because of the presence of
    two substituents at the 6 postion.

    Reaction of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) with an
    excess of methylmagnesium bromide affords the
    17a-methyl compound; again the aforementioned stedc
    effects lead to high stereoselectivity. Oppenauer
    oxidation of the resultant
    intermediate proceeds with a shift of the double bond
    into conjugation to yield methyltestosterone. When the
    initial condensation is canted out with the Grignard
    reagent from allyl bromide instead, this sequence
    yields allylestrenol. Perhaps most startling is the
    fact that the product obtained
    from the use of a metal acetylide in this synthesis .
    ethisterone, shows little if any, if any androgenic
    potency. Instead, the compound is an orally effective

    These agents have all been used at one time as orally
    anabolic-androgenic agents. Dehydrogenation of
    methyltestosterone by means of chloranil extends the
    conjugation to afford the 4,6-diene-3-one- system.
    compound in turn undergoes 1,6 conjugate addition of
    methylmagnesium bromide in the presence of cuprous
    chloride to afford largely the 6a-methyl product,known
    as bolasterones.
    Dehydrogenation with selenium dioxide, on the other
    hand, affords the cross conjugated diene, aka

    Hydroxylation of the double bond of methyltestosterone
    by means of osmium tetro dde and hydrogen peroxide
    afford the 4,5 diol. This undergoes beta elimination
    on treatment with base to yield oxymestrone.

    Catalytic reduction of DHEA goes as expected largely
    from the unhindered side of the molecule to afford a
    trans A/B dng fusion. Reaction with methyl Grignard
    reagent followed by oxidation of the intermediate
    yields androstanolone (1). Formylation of (1) with
    ethyl formate and base gives
    oxymetholone (aka Anadrol), Catalytic reduction of the
    analogous hydroxmethylene compound from
    dihydrotestosterone propionate gives first the
    28-methyl product. Treatment with base leads this to
    isomerize to the thermodynamically favored equatedal
    2a-methyl compound., dromostanolone
    propionate. The formyl ketone undergoes a reaction
    typical of this fuctional array on treatment with
    hydazine, leading to formation of the anabolic
    steroidal pyrazole, stanazole.

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    Any feedback? I really want to know if this works.

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