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This forum will focused on Weight loss. Burning fat , Loosing 20 pounds in 7 days , Lowering Blood pressure, Healthy diet practices and Cutting. This is not to under cut the Diet forum. It it to specialize taking off the unwanted pounds as quickly as possible.

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    Help me set up a cutting scenario !
    Hey guy I need help I am trying to burn off some fat. My stats are 207lbs 6'0 and I would guess between 11-13% BF. I am currently on cycle right now. I am running Sustanon 500mg, Equipoise 500mg, and Anavar 50mg.

    I will be on this cycle all summer. The anavar will run out in 2 weeks, I am on week 3 of this cycle.

    So far I have gained 11 pounds and it looks like I am getting leaner. I only do cardio 3x a week and about 10 mins each time. I generally stay very lean year round. I just want to burn that little bit of fat I have left on my abs. The top 4 are seen but the bottom abs are harder to see. (I have fat nowhere else besides a little on my stomach and a lot on my ass)

    My diet is an all out bulker.. I tracked it last week and did not go a day below 5500 calories!! One day I went ballistic in a buffet and easily consumed over 10k calories that day.

    This is my first time with EQ and that stuff makes me HUNGRY. I frontloaded 1000mg first few weeks so last week my appetite was crazy high. It is more normal now but I cannot go 30 mins without eating or I get cranky and bad headache and stomach growling. I am also a bottomless pit which is unusual.
    Which is quite unusual for me since I don't have much appetite in general and I am prescribed a fairly high dose of Adderall.

    My diet (not in order)
    meats: Chicken, steak, can tuna, turkey, ham, pork, beef, bacon, sausage
    sushi, albacore, salmon, cod, catfish, crab, shrimp, tilapia

    fruit & veggies: apple, banana, orange, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, blueberries, cucumber, tomato, salad, carrots, celery

    MILK, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sometimes butter

    other stuff: eggs, rice, beans, burritos, cereal, peanuts, peanut butter

    thats all I can think of, I don't really sit there and count my calories, only first week of cycle to get an idea of how much I need to eat. I basically stuff my face until I feel upset stomach.

    also I throw in protein shakes every so often with a ton of milk in it.
    Summary I eat lots of meat, dairy, and fruit

    Thanks I eat healthy food I just need to know what to cut or add into my diet to make me be able to see my abs better. Also do I need to do cardio more?
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    eat less and do more cardio... by the way u listed ur diet it sounds like u think eating clean alone is going to do all the work for u... and 30 mins of cardio a week??? common man. count your calories and up your cardio. lower carb intake and profit.

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    Calculating your BMR and going on a 500kcal deficit would be most beneficial. You could also opt for taking your protein shakes with water rather than milk. An ECA stack would be good for you as it suppresses appetite.

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