Just to introduce myself Im 22m 176lbs and 5ft 10. Started my cut in june at 250lbs. I usually hang out at bodybuilding dot com but people are very closed minded on that forum so will be hanging out here. I know a great deal of technical stuff about steroids and hormones and also weight loss in general so if any one ever needs a second opinion or a spot of advice then just pm me.

I suffer from hypothyroidism aswell which to those who dont know means that my immune system attacks my thyroid and since birth i have had this and have taken t4 and because i am from the uk the doctors wont give t3 so i self medicate this to suppliment my medication.

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is difficulty loosing weight. But with the supplimentation of t3 i have found loosing weight easy as anyone. I have gone through alot of trial and error and done loads of research on the endocrine system and im here to help if anyone needs any technical advice.

As for steroids. I stupidly took dianabol and test with only 2 months of prior training and no research and ended up with mild gynocomastia because i was young and influencable. since then i have trained for two years natrually and done loads of homework and preparing for a proper cycle of

Week 1 - 6 dianabol oral 40mcg
Week 1- 12 testosterone ethc 500mcg or sustanol
week 14-17 pct tamoxifen /clomid

what do you guys think to this?