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    Sustanon 250 - Pakistan, by Abbott Laboratories
    Is this real? What do you think?

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    pic ?

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    i got the exact type...i compared it with another sust from nile(real one) and found out that it smells differently and its less viscous than the one from nile..also i already had 4 injection from the karachi sust and i experienced no soreness whatsoever in the glutes....which is not normal considering that sust contains propionate..

    lemme me know if urs is good after u try it..
    i threw awway mine...i bought test depo from galenika instead..but my ampoules have brown writings instead of blue-green..
    Maybe i got ripped off again
    sucks but what can you do....most gear on the market these days turn out to be counterfeit..

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