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    First Cycle Test E Dosage?
    Hi all,

    25 years old
    190 lbs
    4 years lifting
    12% BF
    6 foot

    I've decided I'm ready for my first cycle as my progress has really leveled off in the gym. I've been studying steroids for about a year now. My diet is very good. My goal after the cycle is to keep a good 12-15lbs of quality muscle.

    My proposed cycle is:

    Testoviron depot test e (375 mg/week) - weeks 1-10

    Nolva for pct

    Do you think this is a good dosage for my weight or should I bump it to 430mg/week for 10 weeks (or maybe just run it for 8 weeks)?

    Also I know most people probably say this, but I intend on this being my only cycle. I have some British Dispensary thai anabol that I was contemplating on running at 20 mg/day, just to kickstart the cycle and give me some strength gains. What do you think? I know most of the vets will recomend on just using the i compound for a first cycle but if it really was to be my only cycle would you advise it at the proposed dose of 20 mg which is very conservative.

    Any comments , suggestions and critism is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the board !!

    375mg/week is a good dose, run it for 10 weeks. DO NOT add anything else, just run a Test only first cycle.

    ....and BTW, if I had a dime for every time someone said they'd run only one cycle and then changed their mind after it, I'd be rich and retired on some tropical island.
    Stone Cold..............................Never Too Old

    Disclaimer: does not promote the use of anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. The information we share is for entertainment purposes only.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Stonecold. I think I will go for the lower dose this first (and only) time. Why go higher if I can get good gains of that dose.

    I had a feeling you would say that about first and only cycles. I can understand why you are sceptical, you must have heard alot of people say that and then crumble!

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    yeah i was planning on doing a cycle of test depot and run it with clen..i plan on doin two shots a week of 250. and running clen for 4-7 weeks..i was wondering since test does aromitize will it affect results from the clen or will that really not matter..i've done two cycles before this..but just with test depot..i've done my studies on all..but not for sure.. i'm 19 i am 5'8 170 plan on losing 10 pounds then just trying to stay lean and cut instead of bulking to an extreme..i have a good diet and a amazing exercise plan..i'm about 12% bf just wanting some tips on this or what you think i should take to get down to about 6-8%?? and get some amazing results..

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    Omenshot you should start your own thread rather than hijack this one. To answer your question no the test won't affect the clen's effectiveness.

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