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    Does HGH aid us in sleep? YES
    I have been on HGH now for 9 months and I feel unbelievable. The fountain of youth, I call it. I'm 40 and I believe I look around 33 or 34 yeas old. I can tell you a few years ago I probably looked 40. I sleep like a baby everynight (and I have great dreams too...vivid dreams). I will tell you what I DO know to be true. When you have higher levels of HGH your entire body fuctions better, burns fat, builds muscle, recovers faster, works more efficiently and smoother and with less "roadblocks". Of course a benefit of that is it helps us to sleep better which makes sense since the engine (body) is running smoothly....(I'll come back to this)

    I work out in the am, have my PWO shake and inject it after that shake.
    I take the injection post workout because a few of it's many tremendous benefits is that it helps with protein synthesis and recovery time BUT I also take an amino acid supplement before bedtime. The reason being that certain amino acids are vital for maximum release of HGH. They are the "neurotransmitters" i.e arginine, orthonine, leucine, lysine, etc. These aminos cause the hypothalamus to increase it's production of growth-releasing hormone. I take that about an hour before bed.

    The actual sleeping function is vital for maximum and efficient HGH release. HGH is secreted in maximum amounts during the first 90 minutes of DEEP sleep. Some believe that the process of it's secretion is moderated by another neurotransmitter called seratonin. This is the chemical released in the brain that produce feelings of well being (again...all systems running smoothly). A decline of it in your system would lead a doctor to diagnose depression or anxiety. A very common side effect of depression/anxiety is interrupted sleep patterns. You may wake up several times a night or you may toss and turn all night and think you sleep a full 8 hours but you still wake up tired. Many are prescribed medicines to kick this seratonin back into production. Drugs like Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, etc.

    Another KEY Amino that is a precursor to seratonin production is
    L-Tryptophan. It is widely known as the primary building block for seratonin production. Many including a 3 time Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane use it for a sleep aid!! So if you want to try to raise your levels naturally, you might try that right 30 minutes before bed in addition to the other aminos. Of course that would be to raise your levels of GH, not necessarily help you to fall asleep but you can see how it all ties into one another. It seems one is dependent on the other in this cycle of sleep/GH production. One cannot occur without the other. I believe that Sleep, GH and Seratonin are linked in this cycle. The chain must not be broken.

    The normal healthy person gets one 6 to 8 hour episode of deep sleep, an elderly person tends to get two to three shorter episodes of deep sleep per day therefore they produce less HGH and begin to look old, feel old, etc.
    With declining levels of HGH they don't sleep, function or look as good as younger people or people with higher levels of GH. Have you seen all the anti-aging clinics that have popped up? They are all over my state and guess what they are prescribing primarily? RIGHT....HGH.

    I workout at 6 a.m. and then I do my cardio immediately after weight training. At around 8:30 i have a post Workout Shake and then I inject the 4 to 5 ius of HGH behind it. I take the Aminos an hour before bed so I can try to keep the GH secretions going strong into sleep time. So I am striving for a leveled out approach by giving myself a boost during the day and still helping my body to produce it naturally at night. I am not claiming that I am 100% right. It is definitely working for me so I think I am on to something good.
    I am curious to hear any comments or criticisms on this methodology.

    Thanks -

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    nobody huh?

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    I dunno anything about it, but it sure sounds good!

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