hey I just found this profile and was wondering other peoples take on the liver toxicity of ilium stanabolic

Stanazol is probably the most popular steroid in Australia today, with its high availability, low toxicity, and multitude of users.

Stanazol is a low androgenic drug, and because it is based on DHT it will not aromatise.

Water retention and gynecomastia therefore are not a problem for anyone usingStanazol alone, with hair-loss being possible, but on the whole, not common.

Popular to contrary belief, however, Stanazol will inhibit testosterone production. We have seen several athletes using 'Stana' alone for long cycles develop erectile disfunction. A small amount of test (50-100ml weekly) will help overcome this problem while on the drug, but of course the problem will re-occur at the end of the cycle. See section on 'Side Effects' for more information.

Body builders are currently using Stanazol in a variety of different stacks. With testosterone, or an androgenic tablet i.e. Anapolon for size and strength or with non aromatizing androgens like masteron or Parabolan for contest preparation.

And, of course, Stanazol was a large following of athletes who use the product on its own for a hard vascular look with just a little muscle growth.

Occasionally Stanazol tablets appear on the Australian market. The sellers will usually call them 'Winstrol' (after Winthrop's Winstrol brand Stanazolol.) It is often impossible to distinguish whether these tablets are real or counterfeit.

The genuine tablets come in 2 or 5mg strength and are alpha-alkylated (hence causing stress to the liver). Modest results are to be had on dosages of 10-20mg daily.

Occasionally the tablets can cause stomach upset. Athletes have overcome this problem by taking them with food, and splitting the daily dose in half (half morning, half before training or bed) is common.

Far more common than the tablets are the 'stanabolic' and 'stanazol' injectables by Ilium and 'RWR'. The stanabolic is a 20ml bottle 50mg/ml and is highly sort after for two reasons - firstly the microfine suspension can be injected via a 25 gauge needle - and secondly, the product has not been counterfeited.

The RWR product is available in 20 and 50 ml bottles (also 50mg/ml), and though popular has been heavily counterfeited. In particular the 50ml bottle (circulating at around $ - relatively cheap) has been a target for black marketeers.

We recommend only the Ilium product - buyers of RWR Stanazol should be extremely cautious.
Average Stanazol dose is around 1ml every second day, though with it's short half life and rapid onset we feel daily injections are more effective."

I read it that the pills are liver toxic due to the alpha-alkylated, but stanabolic is made for injection so doesn't contain alpha-alkylated

is that how every1 else interprets this???