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    Scar tissue in my Glute?!
    whatsup, im on tren and prop at 100mg/ED for both and When I started to sterilize a spot on my right glute I felt a hard lump, as soon as I felt this my mind just thought scar tissue and every single sympton associated with it. I am 2 weeks into the cycle. So, my question is should I wait and see if it goes away or should I get it surgically removed?

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    I've gotten lumps a couple times and they were pretty painful. I used a lot of heat, hot tub and heating pad, and they went away after a day or two. I'm honestly not sure what it is, but I don't think it's scare tissue.

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    Are you rotating your injections sites? I would hope that you aren't only injecting in your glutes as you should be injecting the prop and tren (ace I assume) ED or EOD.

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    Ofcourse i am rotaing my injection sites. I cant even imagine injecting into a spot i did yesterday. This shit leaves me sore for like two or three days. ok, so a heat pad and lots of heat, how about icy hot? Yeah i had some doubt that it was scar tissue since i got it only two weeks into my cycle.

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    prop always left lumps and fucking killed for days for the six weeks I used at the end of my cycle when I injected, even with rotating sites.

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    One idea would be to use one of thsoe rollers that has been touted on t-nation. Roll on it to dispers the fluid and the scar tissue. Cant find the name of it.

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