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    Question Premature Growth Plate Closure in Adolescent
    I have a rather serious question for the extremely knowledge bros on this board. My 13-year old son is a stud athlete, 145 lbs, 5'7" tall, about 5-7% bf (maybe lower), runs a sub-5.0 40 yard dash, and is the kind of kid that nobody wants to hit when playing football. He's just wiry and strong and fast and coordinated--true athletic talent. Where he got all this talent, I don't know (not from me). In any event, his pediatrician has diagnosed him as one whose growth plates are likely to close within the next year or so--which is apparently quite premature. Accordingly, the doctor believes his will grow no more than 2-3 more inches. My son developed early--he was in full blown puberty in 5th grade and now in 8th grade, shaves on a daily basis and is developed in all other pertinent respects as well. My son dreams of playing quarterback if not in the pros, at least in college to get an education. He won't play at that position, however, and perhaps won't play at all if he only reaches 5'9". I know that there are exceptions to this rule, such as Doug Flutie. But he needs a little more heighth. So here are my questions: First, can anything be done before growth plate closure to enhance his prospects of growth? For example, would growth hormone work? Second, if so, there's no way I'm letting him do anything like this except under the strict supervision of a specialist doctor, but is there such a specialist out there. That is, a kind or type of doctor that specializes in growth issues? I feel like I have heard of this before, but know nothing about it. Does anyone have any recommendations. I am going to pose this question to SWALE, who is my doctor, but I wanted to check the board as well. This is a very serious question for me and I would appreciate any and all serious replies. Thanks very much in advance.

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    Thanks, StoneCold. Wasn't sure where you'd want me to put it.

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