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    Been hearing alot about Albuteral lately. they say its alot better for you than Clen, and you dont have as many sides. With the half-life being shorter you can get to sleep a little earlier. Just wondering if anyone has "experimented" with it yet. Let me know what you think.

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    you would need a LOT of it to equal a very small dose of clen, not worth messing w/ imo.

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    I use an albuterol inhaler for asthma, but I haven't experimented with Albuterol liquid or pills for weight loss. However, albuterol seems to have nearly identical effects to Clenbuterol (in humans, anyway), only with a much shorter half life. Thus, it makes sense that albuterol would work fine and I understand that many people have used it as such with success.

    2-4mg of Albuterol, 3-4 times day is safe and probably very effective. If that doesn't work and you have no ill side effects, then you could perhaps bump the dosage up a bit. However, you should not ever use more than 32mg/day.
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    i've used albuterol to raise metabolism. i did about 5mg twice a day. didn't feel a thing. clen makes me hot and jittery so i know it's doing its thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mranak
    I use an albuterol inhaler for asthma, but I haven't experimented with Albuterol liquid or pills for weight loss. However, albuterol seems to have nearly identical effects to Clenbuterol (in humans, anyway), only with a much shorter half life. Thus, it makes sense that albuterol would work fine and I understand that many people have used it as such with success.

    2-4mg of Albuterol, 3-4 times day is safe and probably very effective. If that doesn't work and you have no ill side effects, then you could perhaps bump the dosage up a bit. However, you should not ever use more than 32mg/day
    Same mechanism of action, not even close to the same potency.
    Its no good for fat burning, plain & simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durabol
    Same mechanism of action, not even close to the same potency.
    That is why drastically more albuterol is used than clenbuterol. Albuterol is measured in mg rather than mcg.

    Many people have had success using Albuterol for fat loss. Clenbuterol is obviously far more popular. You probably get more bang for your buck with clenbuterol, and it is also more readily available (which I find ironic, since Albuterol is FDA approved and often prescribed in the US whereas Clenbuterol is not FDA approved).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GymLift View Post
    That is why drastically more albuterol is used than clenbuterol. Albuterol is measured in mg rather than mcg.

    Many people have had success using Albuterol for fat loss. Clenbuterol is obviously far more popular. You probably get more bang for your buck with clenbuterol, and it is also more readily available (which I find ironic, since Albuterol is FDA approved and often prescribed in the US whereas Clenbuterol is not FDA approved).
    i have the albuterol in the liquid/nebulizer form
    what kind of dosage would you recommend for this? the vials are 2.5mg/3ml each

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    You guys are not experts on Albuterol or Clenbuterol unless you are a Asthma and Immunology Specialist, a

    Respiration Pharmacist or Respiration Specialist, or like myself an individual that has asthma since I was a baby.

    While growing up, kids that have asthma and through their whole life through adulthood know that they could die and

    so studying the disease is important to lower your risks. Before the steroid inhalers, I took Albuterol everyday

    either by Inhaler as well as the liquid form Albuterol Sulfate (Potent Albuterol diluted with salts or Sulfate). I

    never took Albuterol in a pill form because they were the slowest acting as opposed to Inhaler or the Albuterol

    Sulfate which are immediate relief as long as the the Albuterol Sulfate is ADDED to one or two dose squirts of

    generic Over the Counter Saline Solution. It is designed to chemically react and go from just a non-consumable

    form of Albuterol with Salts added to all the chemical reaction to occur when Saline solution is squirted into the

    Nebulizer. At that point, the Saline Solution (essentially medicinal salt water) will chemically react with the

    Albuterol Sulfate and the solution will cloud up and become three times its original size in the Nebulizer. After

    the chemical reaction of the Salt Water with the potent Albuterol and diluted salts to allow for the chemical

    reaction, always the new chemically formed "Solution" is now ready in the Nebulizer. When the breathing apparatis

    or mouthpiece is attached the solution is now ready to go through a condensing cycle adding pumped air into the

    solution itself to create a thick mist once the Nebulizer machine is turned on instantly. At that point, depending

    on your dose, a small dose of Albuterol Sulfate is typically mixed with ONE Squirt of the saline solution so as not

    to over dilute it and this amount will last for exactly 5 minutes.

    Typically the dose given to those in a Severe Asthma Attack or delivering the most medicine to the body is the higher dose mixed with TWO Squirts of the Saline Solution.

    This amount will last as a solid thick mist while the unit is on for about 10 minutes. This is what

    needs to be breathed in by using a mouthpiece and Nebulizer Unit in order to properly deliver Aluberol Sulfate or

    the liquid form to the lungs and into the blood stream. It is and can be as strong if not STRONGER than

    Clenbuterol. Because Clenbuterol is in a smaller dose pill form and just stays in teh system longer and

    delivering a high dose of Diluted Albuterol Sulfate Salilne Solution via a Nebulizer directly to the lungs and into

    the blood stream as opposed to the gastric system dissolving the pill and small amounts are delivered sparsely

    through the blood stream. By breathing in the solution, and doing so for 10 minutes you can deliver enough

    medication to stop an asthma attack typically or slow its progression and then sometimes followed by another

    treatment after one hour typically or sometimes in bad asthma attacks two treatments run concurrently via a

    nebulizer or special nebulizer oxygen mask. By using the Nebulizer Unit and the Mouthpiece kit you directly

    deliver the medication best into the blood stream and the bodies systems with the highest effect and as we all know

    after a 10 minute treatment you feel very high, happy, euphoric and shaky. And your blood pressure has increased,

    your body temperature has increased and your heart is not racing violently but beating at a calmed stable and rapid

    pattern with not as much damage to the heart as by multiple inhilations or too many doses of the pills forms.

    However, multiple treatments back to back will start to cause stress on the heart and so at least an 30 min in some

    cases or up to an hour should be waited in between treatments except in the most emergency or dire situations.

    After just a 10 minute treatment the Albuterol is well absorbed into the blood stream and properly and rapidly has

    already flowed throughout all the bodies resources to help clear up and slow or stymie any additional

    inflamation/mucus or needed longer-term bronchial-dialation. Upon completion of the treatment or series of

    treatments, regardless even if Asthma symptoms are or are not present as treatments are given after Asthma Attacks

    to help keep the Bronchio-Dialation medication well absorbed into the system so not to allow a secondary Attack to

    usually occur. So when you do PROPERLY use the liquid in the method it was originally designed for you get the

    Albuterol medication into the bodies systems and those systems are fully absorbed and free-flowing to get the

    desired afer-effects to control heart palpitations, but increase the cardio-vascular system's processes and blood

    pressure similar to exercise being reached at the ideal Aerobic rate you seek when you do Aerobic exercise where

    the heart beats not violently but at a controlled solid state which is more comfortable and healthy as we all have

    felt after reaching 10 to 15 minutes or longer on a treadmill at a fast jog to full run. Those people who earlier

    last year and in various other blogs describe how they used Albuterol to "lose weight" like clenbuterol are not

    properly educated and did not get the results that should have occured they lost just a little bit of weight like

    the one gentleman said he didn't lose a bunch of weight quickly.

    That is because I'm sorry to say but these

    people are stupid and think they get something in the mail and know how it works. They are not educated.

    Specialists and myself who has studied my disease and its treatment, its acute cures and its risk averment

    protection DO understand how the medications and how the disease responds along with the body's response. I

    laughed and laughed when I read everyone kept getting the same advice for the liquid, just take a drop or two up to

    the desired amount and ingest it using the liquid. Because all these people did was dilute the solution and

    killled it in a vat full of Hydrocloric Acid in your stomach. And NO Absortion. Thus they never got ANY of the

    results if they would have absorbed the medication properly as they were "tricked" to thinking they were getting

    results. Taking cycles of the pills at increased rates may cause severe heart arrythmias that can be permanent

    that can be as severe as some tachecardias with long-term damage to the heart's vessles and muscle walls.

    Sometimes enlargement of the heart can occur. The same is true in children that overdose or abuse their Inhaler as

    many do, I did. I took it more than the required amounts as on the prescription for years and not understanding

    how it was hurting my body and causing my asthma to get worse.

    It is similar to some children that overdose

    immediately as opposed to long-term overdose or taking 15 puffs or more at one sitting allowing a violently rapid

    heartbeat in tachechardia rhythem or other abnormal rhythem while also placing a depravation of oxygen to the brain

    with a oversupply of too much albuterol to be absorbed into the system and thus causing immediately right after the

    heart continues to violently beat in abnormal rhythem a intense feeling of pleasure, Extreme euphoria,

    lightheadedness, dizziness, dry mouth and otherwise intense and severe "High" from all this taking place in an

    immediate overdose of the inhaler. Thus, that is why these people suggesting these cycles based on their ability

    to handle the side-effects have no idea that they may have caused permanent damage to not only the heart itself,

    the vessels, its walls, and especially the largest long-term damage as reported over time being an Arrythmia and

    these people suggesting these doses in short time and cycles, are doing long-term damage they have no idea about.

    And that's not from what happened to me, I was lucky. My long-term overdose of the inhaler by taking more than 6

    to 12 puffs in a day which is a no-no to control asthma symptoms showed later in 2002 no permanent damage.

    same is not for those who recreationally use clenbuterol and albuterol pills because they are in effect overdosing

    on this medication unknowingly and though they can control the side effects, such as some shaking their heart and

    vascular system can not handle the improper daily dose changes or weekly cycles as it was not properly medically

    "titrated" up or down which titrations can take a whole month AT LEAST upwards of an average of three to 6 months

    for proper dosage and cycling titrations as known by the medical community. Not all people will get damage but the

    risk is substantially and severely increased by improperly cycling and dosing without titration up or down on these

    medications and symptoms lay dormant sometimes for days up to years. The biggest complaint from improper Albuterol

    or Clenbuterol cyclying or dosing changes is abnormal heartbeats or long-term to permanent arrythmias substantially

    increasing the risk for heart disease and heart attack or sometimes stroke if blockages result by these improper

    rythems. However, the worst problems like vascular or heart wall or vessel or even valve damage lies dormant

    without symptoms sometimes for years until the heart itself begins to weaken or otherwise show other natural or

    unnatural symptoms for heart damages or heart disease when the various other damages reemerge in a

    characteristically weaker or otherwise less efficient heart.

    I explain this because people base their cycles and

    dosages on medical info given by improper authorities, people that hear from others how they used the medication,

    or the worst of all, advice via the internet as you have millions of different voices saying separate things. Such

    as above, people complaining of no results from albuterol for weight loss, slow rate of results for weight loss,

    some even go as far to say albuterol in no way has the same effect as clenbuterol in weight loss, and the fact that

    several people took their albuterol sulfate as made me laugh several said they just would drop it in their mouths

    and ingest it. Smart move geniuses. The truth is that Albuterol if properly and safely taken for Acute Asthma

    attacks or potential other bronchial disorders such as COPD or Bronchiatis or Emphesema it can be very successful

    in treating these disorders or diseases ACUTELY or in the short-term for Immediate Emergency Relief AND will

    typically result in weight-loss in many individuals taking treatments, sometimes and if not more than those taking

    Clenbuterol because of the frequency of the treatments and need for the treatments with the proper safe dosages.

    This goes to show that the above uneducated, foolish and dangerous suggestions by others are incomplete, invalid

    and outright wrong.

    The truth is the ideal treatment is the treatment by Nebulizer with the Saline Solution Mixed

    with and chemically reacting with the Albuterol Sulfate as the medication had been designed for. Without creating

    the chemical reaction and just sucking or trying to suck just the Albuterol sulfate without its Saline squirts will

    simply not metabolize nor properly condense creating the thick mist treatments for absorption via the lungs. Now,

    when a proper nebulized treatment is taken at a high dose typically the 0.5 mg or half mark of the dropper from the

    bottle, in the nebulizer cannister and followed by not one but TWO whole squirts of the over the counter Saline

    Solution Cannister will chemically react with and create a properly released and safely executed treatment of the

    Albuterol into the body and in the blood stream and the treatment will have enough of the newly created medicinal

    solution to last for around 10 to 12 minutes before the mist stops completely. During this process and especially

    towards its end, if these above "so-called experts" in Alberterol had properly used the Liquid or the most potent

    form PROPERLY or instead of the pills which typically kids or adults use for long-term asthma management before

    Inhaled Steroids like Advair came out in which kids and adults would TITRATE or increase or otherwise properly

    cycle doses over periods of MONTHS to MANY MONTHS only going up half to third or 1 mg at a time depending on its

    effect with people. People who attempt to increase or even rapidly decrease the dosages or otherwise cycle on or

    off these pills are only defeating the purpose of the body's natural ability to react to a proper titration and if

    day one or even week one you take 2 mg and day two or even week two or even week twelve you increase the dosage by

    one or two as well as cycle in more frequent dosages of as they said 4 to 5 and no more than a certain amount a

    day yes they may not IMMEDIATELY overdose by going over the daily allowed maximum amount, but instead they are

    creating a Long-Term Overdose while hiding damages and creating immediate arrythmias or other heart problems

    without signal or sign until another heart function deteiorates or otherwise fails or falls victim to heart


    That is why if these people without the knowledge had properly followed the best way to absorb the medication as

    opposed to eating the liquid, or complaining about no results or no results or dissimilar side effects to

    clenbuterol means it does not work would have been uniquely surprised if they had properly used the method of

    inhilation via Nebulizer. The usual dosing by prescription is suggested to start with congestion or less severe

    bronchial problems, first time users or children on a 1/2 of .5 or .25 dosage. Then with this amount one squirt is

    proper of the Saline Solution for a 5 minute nebulizer treatment typically gives minimal maintainance to the

    bronchial airways and the absorption of oxygen in teh blood. However, the typical and at maximum as directed the

    most efficient and productive dosage is the treatment of .5 mg or half the dropper of Albuterol Sulfate mixed with

    2 squirts of saline solution to create a breathing treatment for 10 - 12 minutes. After this treatment, another

    treatment should not occur until after at LEAST an hour after the first treatment for another 5 to 10 minute

    treatment and then thereafter if this solves the Acute Brochial problems a maintanence or futher dilation of the

    brochial airways can be covered by a third subsequent treatment upwards of 6 hours or more such as before bedtime

    treatment for ten minutes.

    Typically only two treatments unless a third is necessary should be given a day and if

    that does not solve the symptoms for Acute Brochial relief they should go seek help by a doctor or ER. However,

    during this treatment if not eaten by the geniuses established before or otherwise properly orchestrated to be

    absorbed into the system using this system of nebulized treatment; then and therefore, the above sceptics would

    have had a totally different experience with results blowing the water out of the park of what a long-term longer

    half life dose or multiple doses of Clenbuterol would do with the potential for more damage to the body or heart.

    By breathing in the solution, shaking will occur sometimes badly, lightheadedness, tremors, dizziness, then SEVERE

    EUPHORIA will occur including any simultaneous reactions creating an overall "HIGH" to the user similar to

    cannabus. Most important though is the fact a slow and steady releasee of Adderall occurs in teh 10 minutes and

    properly is absorbed into the bloodstreem allows for the best care and least wear on the heart by putting the heart

    into an Aerobic flutter as opposed to a violent palpitations that would occur with an overdose of Albuterol. The

    heart similar to it reaching Aeorbic stage of exercise after running or jogging for 10 to 15 minutes or longer will

    calmly beat while allowing for the body to reserve its oxygen and giving the heart the ability to properly and

    slowly restrict oxygen to the rest of the body during Aerobic Exercise and so the heart feels more at ease and

    comfortable as oppposed to someone that may use Clenbuterol pills or ALbuterol pills which originally were used by

    children or adults to titrate onto dosages half a mg or a mg at a time over a month or a few months or proper

    titration as this was good maintanance for Asthma prevention or subduing symptoms before Inhaled Steorids were

    invented that targeted inflamation and brochial tightness in the lungs and being more controled. THUS, those that

    improperly cycled on or off or otherwise improperly increased or decreased dosages of this Albuterol or

    Clenbuterol via pills caused the body to react violently potentially causing short-term to long-term damages or

    even permanant damages to the heart or body itself which may lie in waiting not to be immediately known until

    disease occurse or the heart begins to deteriorate or otherwise fail for other reason this damge may cause further


    What is most important is that if these geniuses had properly used a Nebulizer , the correct amounts of Albuterol

    Sulfate with Saline Solution to create chemical reaction and a new solution to be inhaled using a Nebulizer unit,

    then they would have felt and also acknowledged the bodies' responses to this medication. This includes, body

    temperature rates rising, dry mouth, appetite suppressant sometimes, blood pressure rising and aerobic heart

    rhythems above and beyond anerobic levels or violent and unnatural papitations. All this in a 10 minute treatment

    and potentially another 10 minute treatment an hour later and a maintance treatment if really necessary 6 hours

    later or around bedtime. If more treatments are needed the user would need to see their doctor or ER immediately.

    However, along with various other side affects the Nebulizer treatments are efficient, quick and allows the

    medication to stay in the system and bloodstream for multiple hours if not up to around half a day or more. This

    proper medication management would have also caused weight loss from the overall medications responses within the

    body, aerobic heart rhythems and body temperature rising for much longer periods of time on a stable course.

    Further, the medications in many cases proves to be a diarettic and while causing a person to sweat more, they

    process bowel movesments at higher rates of non-soliditary passage of bowel movements and subsequently speeding up

    the body's metabolism significantly.

    If the geniuses above have simply read the instructions as always provided

    within the box that comes with the bottle of the Albuterol Sulfate liquid; perhaps they might have properly

    absorved the Albuterol via the nebulizer unit and via the bronchial passages and their side effects would have then

    been felt, and they would have had alternate results. Again it is important to use such for control of Acute

    bronchial disorders or diseases and if properly used and never abused will always have benefits that outweigh the

    costs or otherwise risks that may occur causing important productivity and efficiency for the reason behind created

    such a chemical reaction to allow a user to absorb their medication into their bloodstream and lungs the smoothest,

    safest and quickest as long as they wait 1 hour after first treatment for second treatment, and 6 hours or more for

    third treatment for maintance of keeping bronchial dilation medication in the body for proper maintence of a Acute

    Bronchial disorder or disease and no more than .5mg or half a dropper for each treatment with two squirts of saline

    solution will result in a 10 minute breathing treatment.

    As a child to a adolescent I took such 10 minute

    breathing treatments with Albuterol DAILY typically one in the morning and one treatment at night or at least one

    treatment a day and thus would not need to use my inhaler as much. During this period through becoming an

    adolescent, I had always held just below my proper weight for my height, I always had lean muscle and proper tone

    and always had proper definition including throughout arms, chest, and a 8-pack defined abs. Later as I grew even

    older and my mother no longer really would force me to take the machine on a daily basis for a maintence tool for

    my asthma I just went to my Albuterol Rescue Inhaler for use when symptoms arose which was a mistake on many

    levels. First, I gained a substantial amount of weight due to going from the nebulizer to the inhaler, I had bowel

    movement and constipation problems, and I held a substantial slow gain of weight over time while putting my health

    and life in jeopardy as asthma symptoms increased and worsened as I always took my inhaler at the feeling of a

    slight symptom or a long-term overdose. If I just maintained a 2 treatment a day nebulizer treatment and was not

    so lazy, my asthma would have been properly maintained and I would have held a healthy weight, muscle ton and an

    overall healthy life. Of course, being young, I did not realize all of this and the medical reasoning to responses

    and reactions and changes with my body until studying the disease and medical advances since. To those who

    continue to eat the fluid, THINK, no fluid is ever taken orally unless it is a thick and medicinally purposeful

    syrup to deliver medication orally so if you eat it, and disolve it and waste it overall then curse it because you

    aren't losing weight unless you take clenbuterol in high levels on dangerous increases and decreases in doses and

    changes in cycles then you really need to reconsider ever being a doctor or continuing in your current function to

    give advice to anyone on a blog on how prescriptions and medinal titration of levels and dosages should be maintained as others may have not have noticed many side effects compared to others noticing more side effects, well no kidding, maybe we are all different sizes and shapes.

    I enjoyed the guy whose medical rationale to lowering his dose just by a little and staying there was when he would shake uncontrollably, that would not be really a moderate side effect but potentially muscle reactions and spasims to an overdose or otherwise amount or frequency of a dose of medication that the body has not had time to respond to. And especially to the gentleman who noticed he gained weight while using Albuterol (probably eating a liquid again) and the one guy who did not like his results he lost little weight using or eating the liquid Albuterol and the one guy who was emphatic almost angry that Albuterol was a sham and didn't cause any weightloss overall, only his clenbuterol in which his side effects were major. Exactly the type of thinking where stupidity and frivoloty endures and that others should gain insight to this and therefore in the future should not want to listen to their advice as they are obviously dillusional that they graduated Medical School, ate a liquid, had no results or disliked their reults and later used multiple overdosages and improper cycling of Clenbuterol and liking it better because they lost weight and could feel it with major side effects. Well, unfortunately Clenbuterol and Albuterol are in the same pharmaceutical family and in essence are cousins to each other both being beta blockers and both aiding in the dilation of bronchial airways while subsequently having various sevarity of side effects and random separate side effects not matching each other all together.

    So, the geniuses medical and scientific deducement ended up seeding and leaking improper, innccurate and especially DANGEROUS false messages unto others in the community and to the world. I am mad, and sad because if these geniuses had simply opened and read the instrunctions that come with the Albuterol Sulfate bottle in a box they might have understood there are more steps to just eating or drinking the liquid, or maybe the pictures would have been more confusing to these geniuses. Well their continued blogging and improper information and adjudication to how these pharmaceuticals and toxins should be taken properly has crossed the line of not being helpful, but for sure being downright deadly perhaps already after a year or so or maybe in the future but such should not happen to those who seek truth from places such as the TV and the Internet without doing proper indepth database research or looking in a book only is a systemic problem with deadly circumstances and is downright criminal and criminally insane of these indviduals to continue. They need to grow up and face life as adults, as these are not the experimentation and sampling of certain brands of various marijuanna for Saturday nigtht kicks, this is advice being given by stupid and psychologically inept people who care more about telling others how they are the experts as opposed to asking the real experts or exporting expert testimony onto those asking the question and allowing such advice to endure with not an overbearing cloud of smoke annoyingly hovering after sampling of these particular pharmaceuticals but in this case, based on these dummies expert advice, nothing will remain to be annoying or hovering around except the disasterous and horrifying matters of premature deaths of not one, not two, not even three but potentially hundreds of thousands or even uncalculable to the point of being in teh millions. Isn't it time we as people step up and smack these people aside the head and then find a way to stop the potential for any future deaths as soon as humanly possible.

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    That was the longest post ever but very good information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyMouse9999 View Post
    That was the longest post ever but very good information.
    i was just thinkin the same thing...

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    Holy shit that was the most reading I think I have ever done on a single post.. Good post though..

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    WOW!!! If only we could get more in depth posts like that...maybe minus some of the redundancy, but awesome post brother!

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    Lifelong Albuterol user
    Im a lifelong user of albuterol. Ive had chronic asthma since birth. Ive always been very define and never really knew why. I recently took some medicine to gain weight. I put on about 16 pounds. I was working out at the time so I gained a little muscle mass with the fat. I got sick with my asthma and had to stop taking my weight gainer medicine. I started taking a lot of albuterol. Due to heavy wheezing I was taking about 7-10 breathing treatments a day. To anyone who says this is a whimpy drug you are sadly mistaken. Within 2 weeks every bit of fat I had gained was shredded off due to the albuterol. It was a substantial difference. My wife noticed after a week. I no longer had any fat on my stomach. I say all of that to say Ive seen first hand that albuterol will indeed shred fat.

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    If you were using an inhaler, Albuterol was not the key to you losing the fat. The dosage in an inhaler isn't anywhere near a standard dosage for fat loss.

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    Clen is better in my opinion, albuterol does not have the same potency

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