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    Test Prop\EQ Cycle
    I going to start a new cycle next month when I start cutting. I thinking of running something like this.

    1-12 EQ - 500mg/wk
    1-8 Test Prop - 100mg/EOD
    1-12 HCG - 500iu/E5D

    I would like to keep bloating to minimum so I have some Adex in case I need it.

    I'm not looking to make any huge gains. My diet will be very strict, and will be doing cardio 4-5 days a week. Just want something to help keep as much lbm as possible.

    Stats: 26yrs old, 5'11", 210lbs, about 10-12% BF. This will be my third cycle. First was eq for 12 weeks, second was test enan for 15 weeks. Responded well to both. I was going to run the test prop by itself, but I like the vascularity I got from the eq, and figured it would be a good combination.

    What do you guys think?

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    It's not bad, but why not run a longer Test ester like enanthate or cypionate, and run it for a week longer than the EQ. You'd sure save yourself a lot of injects.

    Weeks 1-12 - Test e or c @ 400mg/week
    Weeks 1-11 - EQ @ 500mg/week
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    I wanted to run prop, because I've heard alot of people say they seem bloat less on prop. I know test is test, but prop seems to be the test of choice when cutting.

    I don't mind the eod injections. Do you see any other advantages to running Cyp or Enan over running prop?

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