So heres the deal, Im 23, about 195lbs, 6'.5", and not sure what my percentage of body fat is, but last time I checked (which was over 6 months ago) it was about 11% I think. What Im looking for is to start a new bulking plan, right now i take basic supps like creatine, protien, and test boosters. But I am not getting the results I want. I am maintaining my strength pretty well, but I am not really seeing increases in it. One of my workout buddies is taking the pinks and he is blowing up fast, not only size but strength as well. And im looking to do the same. I want to do the pinks but the issue Im having is finding a good source to purchase from. I tried the same site my friend used but apparently it doesnt exist anymore.If anyone has any light to shed on the matter it would be greatly appreciated. And not only in regards to a good site, but some light on a good regime to follow for them as well.