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    Based on this history, is it about time for a boost?
    My main question from the you guys is, is it about time for a boost? If I'm gonna do this, I want to do it right. Also, anything I should prioritize based on my history?

    Here's the breakdown:

    5' 8" 135 lbs
    23 years old


    Highschool: 3 years competitive powerlifting. Records: 365 squat, 410 deadlift, 165 bench (pathetic, but seems to be my natural limit) 1 year boxing.

    Stayed below 132 weight class by diet.

    : Drank, was prescribed amphetamines. Did horrible things to my body for 4 years.

    Ended up 150 lbs of fat. Couldn't bench 135 by the end of it all, and now have slight gynecomastia from the amps and booze.

    The past year:


    during gain periods: lifting 5 days a week (on a more bodybuilder-oriented regimen than powerlifting), + 2 days of cardio a week.

    during cutting: cardio 7 days a week (3-5 miles). 2 days of lifting

    Diet-- For past 2 months: Eating like I'm training for powerlifting. 3200 Cals a day, after trying to lose weight down to 132 (lost a ton of muscle along with bf).

    120 g of protein a day. Casein at night, whey in the morning. Carbs consist of whole wheat pasta and bread. 4 meals a day. Fats from nuts and red meat.


    140 lbs after 8 weeks of the above diet. A fatty one at that (about 20%). This has been the trend for the past year.

    I will say my diet isn't perfect. I still like to have a beer after work. And get hammered on the odd weekend, but I'm by no means an every day drinker.


    Weight: 165-180. bf: ~7%

    If I could snatch 225 and run a 6 min mile, my athletic life would be complete. I don't ever plan on competing again. Looking good is always a plus. Going beyond this isn't a problem for me, but hey, I like to start humble.

    I'm a chemist. So I don't mind doing my reading. As somebody with slight gyno, I sure as hell have done my reading on post cycle therapy (pct). And as a weight class athlete, I have a decent background with cutting bf, although the use of amphetamines is out forever.

    I've done some cursory reading about anabolic agents, but would like to find some good (and current) resources from anybody willing to hand down some wisdom and who has read the above.

    If I do go ahead with this, I'm thinking:

    Sustanon + Winny

    Tamoxifen + Aromatase inhibitor (AI) (haven't chosen one yet)

    Clen + T3

    I'm having trouble getting my hands on any anabolic agents, and would kill for reliable GH, but I'll start asking around once my bags are packed, so to speak.

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    Bro, please don't add the whinny as part of your first cycle.

    Test only is the only way to go for your first cycle. The purpose of this is to see how your body reacts to the effects of testostorne. This will give you valuable information for future cycles. The reason this information is so important is because the vast majority of the cycles you run now and in the future will require a test base. Your natural testostorne production will shutdown with most compounds.
    The things you will learn are how your body responds to test and elevated estrogen, Howe to diet to achieve different goals. All of these veriables change with the addition of testostorne vs natural.

    It is obvious that you have committed to researching this topic and I think that is very wise. Until you run a test only cycle you will have no idea if you need an Aromatase inhibitor (AI), and if so at what dose. I'm sure you have seen the typical post that call out Adex at .5mg EOD. To assume (not that you are, this is an example) this is the dose your body needs would be naive. When you run a test only cycle you will be able to dial in your Aromatase inhibitor (AI), personally, this has taken me several cycles. Again everyone is diffrent and this game is not a one size fits all senerio.
    I also see alot of guys who cycle and state that they stop growing and when they are quizzed about thier diet they state tht they are consuming 500 calories over maintance levels. What they have not learned is that thier body requires additional calories. I'm not saying this is going to happen with you I'm just stating this is another possibility if you have not learned how your body reacts to test.

    With all that said; if you add additional compounds to testostorne in your first cycle, and you have issues it will be almost impossible to narrow down the cause. Also, additon compounds used with test can lead to more, or fewer sides this will give you squed information going forward.

    Please consider my words.

    Good luck,

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    Great advice, I like it. I have no problem starting simple and building onwards.

    Any tips on asking around locally?

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