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    Aggression from running gear..does it dwindle down?
    Starting to notice aggression and things to piss me off more than usual or stuff that usually wouldnt bother me is rubbing me the wrong way. Was just curious does your body get use to being on cycle and the aggression subside after a little while? First cycle so was just curious I do realize some people dont experience this side but for the people that do whats your experience?

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    im one aggressive horny motherfucker on cycle

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    I'm aggresive on or off but I know how to keep my cool. Self control bro, that shit is all in your head. Just rub your ear lobes and say wooooo saaaaah! Lol! Na but on a serious note...... Don't let that shit run through your head that the gear makes you mad and you wanna rage. You will have rage here and there but its all about self control. When I'm not on gear and someone cuts me off on the freeway when I'm on my bike, they're losing a fucking mirror and getting a broken windshield! You feel my point? Gear or no gear. We all have it in us bro

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