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    Sust, deca, dbol
    Hi all
    I am currently on begining of week 3 end of week 2
    I am 175lb 12%bf before cycle.
    30 yrs old

    Been training since 2007 am quite consistent only take off when I am sick or when extremely busy, I work for myself in the construction industry(residential home builder)

    My goals To be 190 below 10%bf

    Train 5 days a week.
    Eat around at least 3000 per day

    Eat big breakfast
    Pwo shake
    Big lunch chilli or stew
    Whey protein shake
    Big supper
    Casein shake or milk before bed.

    I try to have 2 glasses of milk with every meal 1%

    I am currently on
    250 Sustanon (sust) week 1 - 12 1 shot per week
    300 deca week 1- 10 1 shot per week
    30 mg dbol week 1-5

    I am getting measured and weighed weekly by a dietician to check my progress.
    Week 1 I had gained almost 3 kg muscle mass so was very excited and the past week only added 100g according to her scale(weighs and uses current to check bf,water,muscle mass) this week I added lots of fat?

    This is my concern why would I have not gained any mass in week 2?

    Is it possible that the increase in food could have increased muscle mass without the dbol yet working?

    I feel much stronger in the gym.

    I was eating a deficit before to lean.
    I am lifting very heavy 3 day split:
    Monday day 1
    Tuesday day 2
    Wednesday day 3
    Thursday day 1
    Friday day 2
    Monday day 3 etc.

    Thank you for your input.

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    dbol is def. kicked in by now if it is legit. you will gain water weight on dbol, it is inevitable. i would run the sus higher than the deca. if you are running 300mg deca i would do 500mg of sus a week. you are not going to come out of this cycle at 8% bf weighing 190. you will definitely weigh 190, maybe even lose a little bf with a good diet and cardio, but you will retain water, and you will lose it after coming off. just enjoy the strength gains off the dbol now. like i said if you can bump your sus up to 500mg, it will help with size and retaining that size. make sure you are increasing calories as you increase weight and really buckle down on your diet after coming off.

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    IMO, your goals are a little unrealistic. I also don't think 6.6 lbs the first week is muscle. My money says its water from the DBol.
    I would lower my expectations for your first cycle. The reality is most guys gain a lot of fat on thier first cycle. The purpose of the first cycle is to see how you react to the gear and what sides you get. It also is a chance for you to learn how your body/diet reacts during cycle.
    I would look at this cycle as a learning experiance that should net you around 20 lbs in a bulk. Based on the little diet information you posted you are going to gain some size, but your body fat goal more than likely will not happen.

    Take this time to learn for future cycles and good luck

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    Agree to up the sus to at least 500. Ideally it would be great to run the sus for 14 weeks and the deca for 12. Deca isn't going to start really coming on till about week 6. As said above, if the dbol is real, you'll already be feeling it!

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    175 lbs @ 5'1 12%bf is pretty damn impressive dude! I'm really considering this for next cycle

    1-15 test Sustanon (sust) 500-600mg/wk
    1-4 Superdrol 30mg ED
    4-15 Anavar 60mg ED (start after finishing 4 wks SD)
    1-13 Masteron prop. 120mg EOD

    heard a lot of good things about sust. & masteron with Anavar (var). so can't wait to get all the gear ready to go.

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    Hi All
    Thanks for the replies,
    Sorry for the confusion the goal stated is my final goal not for this cycle, I would be happy to get some good size and lean out after. Hoping to pass 200 and lean from there. Is this a little high expectations?

    I don't want to be massive but well built.
    As for the 6 pounds of muscle that wasn't my total weight added this was only the muscle gain according to the. Equipment and measurements the dietician uses to measure. I also have my doubts about accuracy of measurements, but it does give me and idea if I am going in the right direction or not so I can adjust and not waste weeks of dieting and training with little to no results.
    My water weight went up by 2 kg thus far so 4.4 pounds plus some fat not very high on the first week but very high after the second water and muscle hardly changed.
    I,m just. Having blast and will hit the gym, I will post my diet a little later.
    Haves great one.

    It's not my first cycle did 3 a couple. Of years ago, added some size but also lost quite a bit.
    I have also been thinking of upping the Sustanon (sust) and will increase the next shot, will also increase the length of the cycle.
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