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    What sups do you guys take on cycle?
    What sups do you guys usually take while on a cycle? Obviously, you gotta have ur whey, but do you guys take vitamins, fish oils, etc..

    I was thinking on my test prop only cycle with dbol near the end to just use these:
    (1) multi-vit
    (2) fish oil
    (3) whey protein
    (4) creatine
    (5) doxycycline (for acne, prescription)
    (6) vitamin d3 (if acne flares)

    Do you guys think that's enough? I'm using dbol for 4 weeks, do you think I need liver protection? Please suggest something if you think I need to add, I'm gonna go grab these last minute things tomorrow.
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    A solid multi vitamin..high doses of vitamin C especially.about 2 gram a day. Milk thistle, inositol, choline, ALA, coenzyme q10, grape seed oil, fish oils, digestive enzymes, and lots of amino acids thru out ghe day.

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    Lots of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin Most important for me.

    And some cranberry extract for my kidneys since Im running Anavar (var) (better safe than sorry)

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    all your essential amino, multivitamins, fish oil, digestive enzymes, and of course any protein, creatine you have on hand!

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    1-4 on your list should be taken all year long, not just when on cycle... and adding in some bcaa's and basic amino tabs throughout the day is always a good idea

    why do people think there is a different way to eat/take supplements when on cycle or not? this is some funny shit, but we see it all the time... it's no wonder most lose so much of their gains off cycle cuz they are gear dependent

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    Quote Originally Posted by China_Wall View Post
    1-4 on your list should be taken all year long, not just when on cycle...
    I agree. Those should be run year round. When on cycle I add:

    1. Red yeast Rice
    2. Ubiquinol (CoQ10)
    3. Liv.52 DS --> when using orals

    These are only for protection--> blood pressure, cholesterol, liver

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