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    Default Stanoil 100 / 25mg - Dosage
    Hey guys. Long time reader - first time poster. I recently purchased the following gear: Test E 250 and Stanoil 100. Label says BD, but I know it came from the guy in China who does a good job cloning. I got it from a local source and don't have any questions that the gear is g2g. However, I have been scouring every possible source I can find to see what the proper dosage is for the Stanoil. All I have been able to find is that it has a longer half life than Stanozolol and so you should be able to inject less frequently (every 4 or 5 days rather than ED or EOD). Also, it is oil based so no drinking.

    Has any one had any experience with this product? Any suggestions on dosage? I plan on running the Test e for 12 weeks at 500/wk and then inserting the Stanoil in on week 5 for the remainder of the cycle.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Stats are:

    30 Years Old
    235 lbs
    Not sure on bodyfat but I have been training for several years now. This is my first cycle, but I have been doing my homework for a long time now. What I lack in experience, hopefully I make up for in raw knowledge. Goal of the cycle is to shed excess body fat, gain lean muscle mass and get stronger.

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