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    Junior Bodybuilder VengeanceX7's Avatar
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    Default Losing weight while injured. Need some advice.
    I'm 26 225 14% bf. I recently injured my shoulder. I've always had shoulder problems but this time it was worse and wouldn't go away. I thought I had an AC joint separation. So I went to the orthopedist and turns out that re occurring shoulder pain was due to arthritis of the AC joint. So he gave me a cortisone shot told me to stay off it and do rehab than start slow and light lifting. I'm not currently cycling so no worry there. So the 2 things I need help with. Since I stopped lifting I have gone down to 217. I only lowered amount of carbs still eating the same amount of protein and 7 meals a day. How can I keep myself from losing muscle? And what can I do for my shoulder I got some TB-500 but was only able to afford 10mgs total. Any advice on maintaining muscle and healing shoulder is appreciated.

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    Amateur Bodybuilder zephyr_987's Avatar
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    ive heard tb-500 is awesome for healing joint issues, same with IGF1-Lr3 & des. if my shoulder was bad i would also go on a test/deca cycle. 200mg test, 400-600mg deca for the collegen synthesis. i would also stack all the building blocks of ligaments like glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, SAMe, hyauronic acid, cissus, lysine, all amino acids for that matter & anything else that would help boost pro collegen synthesis. if you have it available to you try adequan. its used for arthritis & degenerative joint disease in dogs & horses with virtually zero side effects. im in a similar position , my knees are fucked but im broke right now & dont have a source for the adequan. they all require scripts. anyway if you do most of this your shoulder will heal. until then dont aggrevate it further

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    I was in the same boat. Had both shoulders dislocated due to accident. Everything was torn and bone chipped. Have had 4 shoulder surgeries now and after 2 years off, back in the gym. Did a test e cycle first. Now im on my second cycle and im on test e and deca. Shoulder feels 10 times better with the deca. I also take fish oil and a slew of vitamins. But the deca made all the difference.

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