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    Tren Ace / Test Prop Cycle (10 Weeks)
    Hi I have a cycle of Tren Ace and Test Prop that I'd like to solidify and a few questions about AI's and HCG. Thanks for any help!!


    Age: 33
    Weight: 156 (goal >170)
    Height: 5'9"
    bf%: 10-12% (goal 6-8%)
    Training for 2 years - Hardgainer
    Diet consists of 200g of protein and 4.5k-5k calories/day (I think I'll go to 300grams of protein a day on the cycle?)
    AAS history: have done a couple cycles. did Sustanon (sust) by itself, and Sustanon (sust) and deca
    Goal of Cycle:
    To gain a lot of lean mass in general while still being cut and get a lot stronger

    AAS and Dosage:

    During Cycle and Post Cycle Therapy:
    Weeks 1-8 Trenbolone Acetate 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-10 Testosterone Propionate 125mg EOD

    1-10 1000iu per week (2 Pin of 500iu)
    11-12 1000iu EOD , ending 4 days before post cycle therapy (pct)
    **Should I insert an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) here?

    post cycle therapy (pct)
    Weeks 13-16 Clomid 100/50/50/50

    Any feedback on this would be greatly helpful. Should I do Test Prop to match the short ester of Tren Ace? I don't have access to Cabergoline, Dostinex, or Pramipexole. I do have a bunch of Arimidex on hand though. Should I take this? Dosage?

    Also, should I wait so long before post cycle therapy (pct) after my list pin of Test Prop (2 weeks)? Or should I just wait a couple days since they are short esters?? It was my understanding that I should blast HCG in the 2 weeks after my last pin until post cycle therapy (pct). But If I'm not waiting the 2 weeks, how should I run HCG?


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    Is this your first cycle? I'm also not hating just saying your only 156 pounds? Bro Steroids are not for you. A nutritionist is a better option because you think you'll grow on aas? You will not and ill explain why! If you can't grow naturally aas will not change that. Sure you'll put on a few lbs on cycle but here's the kicker. After pct you go back to your same eating and poof back down to 156. If you can't gain weight off cycle you won't on.

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    Also Tren is for experienced users and is real bas on the body. Tons of sides to look for as well as learning to except the horrible sides.

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    I'd you choose to do the hcg blast before pct, yes, you will need an Aromatase inhibitor (AI). Start with Adex at .5mg Ed.

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