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    3 weeks into first cycle - low libido, depression and gyno. Please help!
    Hi guys, I'm currently 3 weeks into my first cycle, and it's not going well. I have a number of questions.

    First off, here's some background info. I'm 30, 6'0, 195lbs (pre-cycle), 12%BF. I'm gyno-prone, and had surgery in my early 20s to remove it. Unfortunately, they didn't totally remove the gland from the right hand side, and that still goes a bit puffy now and then.

    I've also had pretty low sex drive and minor depression for years. It feels like all the symptoms associated with low dopamine. I was hoping that a cycle of testosterone would help (even temporarily).

    So the plan was to keep things small and simple for the first cycle - 200mg Test Cyp E4D for 10-12 weeks. Pharma-grade Nolva for post cycle therapy (pct) and Adex on hand, but not used unless needed. The plan changed slightly when my dealer offered me a little Dbol he had "spare" - just enough for a few days kickstart, so we threw that in as well. In hindsight, that might not have been a great idea.

    Here's my cycle log so far:

    You can see there wasn't a lot of Dbol, but it was f*cking awesome! My sex drive was up, energy up, mood up - it was amazing! I was heavier, and stronger, and my skin was suddenly a lot oilier, so feeling good wasn't just placebo.

    Then on day 11, the dbol ran out. I didn’t link it then, but looking back a few days later, that was when the libido, energy and mood dropped. It was down to pre-cycle levels (which weren’t good anyway) and possibly worse.

    My weight, which had been rising steadily, stopped moving. My skin wasn’t as oily. It was like I wasn't on test at all any more.

    Worse, I developed gyno in my right nipple. The only good news was that I was still getting stronger. I presume that was the test cyp levels slowly coming up.

    I jumped on the Nolva to hopefully attack the gyno fast, and then later added Adex to lower the estrogen levels long-term. The itching and prickly feeling quickly stopped, but the pointy lump behind my right nipple still comes and goes.

    So now for the questions:
    - I assume that most of these problems were caused by dbol aromatising? Would the estrogen from that still be causing problems a week after the dbol stopped? Or am I now on the estrogen coming from the test cyp?

    - Why did I feel like shit? Would that be high estrogen, or just coming off that dbol “feeling of awesome” before the test cyp had fully kicked in?

    - Is continuing with both Nolva and Adex the right option to keep going on cycle? I know Nolva partially blocks the uptake of Adex, but there’ll still be some advantage in taking both, right? Or should I drop the Nolva entirely? Will Adex alone be enough to kill the remainder of my gyno?

    - I do have 8x25mg Aromasin tabs. I could use these in conjunction with the Nolva, and then switch to Adex for the rest of the cycle, but that seems quite complicated.

    Sorry if this is all a bit rambling... What I’m really trying to say is, “Please help!” :P

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    "adex not used unless needed". USE IT!!!!!

    Sorry if I have misread your post somehow, I'm in a hurry. But I would say you need to combat that estrogen!

    Edit: misread... My bad lol. I'll be back later
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    Your running to low dose of test bro, jump it up to 500mg/week and take your Aromatase inhibitor (AI) eod 50mcg. I got gyno during my cycle and it won't away during week 4-7, after using letro and TAMOX. letro was up to 1mg eod until size went down alott then i went down to 50mcg and stayed there until it was a bit smaller than a pea, then just do 50mcg e3d, while doing all of this run tamox at 10-20mcg ed until its smaller than a pea then stop but keep taking your Aromatase inhibitor (AI) a week until pct is done.

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    Should have taken your Aromatase inhibitor (AI) from the beginning, look I'll tell you my experience, took an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) from the beginning with a test p and d bol cycle, was not taking enough and 2.5 weeks in I had the dreaded lump on my right nipple, the morning I noticed it I upped my arimidex dose and started taking nolva, took me 3 weeks but I reduced the lump to nothing and once i stopped the nolva I had already finished the d bol and I am perfectly fine. Now i know many say nolva will do nothing if you already have gyno, but it got rid of the small lump I had cus I used it the day I noticed it, wait a few weeks and if it doesn't go away try letro.

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    Thanks guys.

    I had been told that I shouldn't need an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) on as low a dose of test as this, but in hindsight that obviously wasn't a wise move. I'm currently taking Adex 0.5mg EOD, and Nolva 40mg ED (see my question above about taking them together).

    My only concern is that low estrogen could be causing my low libido and depression. Or does too much estrogen cause the same effect?
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