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    Test/Mast Cycle for Cutting.
    Hey Everyone,

    This is my first time posting, and was looking to get some advice and help on a Test/Mast cycle.

    I would like to start by giving you some background. I have been lifting off and on for the past 10 years and I have always hovered around 180lbs – 195lbs with about 15% body fat. Then about two years ago I decided to do my first cycle, (500mg of test for 12 weeks).

    My stats at the beginning of my first cycle:
    Age: 30
    Height: 6’ 1”
    Weight: 190lbs
    BF: 15%

    My cycle was Test C (500mg a week split into two injections). I was also taking HCG (250 IU every other day) and Arimidex (.5mg every other day). I gained a lot of muscle and strength on this cycle with minimal amount of body fat. My stats were as follows after my 12 weeks cycle.

    Weight 225lbs
    BF: 18%

    At the end of my cycle, I decided not to come off since my blood test prior to my cycle showed that I had medium-low testosterone levels. I found a good testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) doctor and started on the program right after my cycle ended. Therefore, I have been on testosterone for the past two years with no break, My current testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program is as follows:

    Test C (200mg a week, split into two injections)
    HCG (250 IU) every other day
    Arimidex (.5 mg) every other day

    I have gradually gained weight being on the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program, along with strength, muscle and body fat. My diet has not always been on point, but for the past two months it has been spot on and I do about 45-60 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week. Regardless of being very strict and discipline for the past two months I have not been able to lose any weight or body fat. My current stats are as follows:

    Weight: 245lbs
    BF: 22%

    I was thinking of doing some kind of cutting cycle, and wanted to know what everyone thought of mast? I have read that Tren can be very helpful but I am fearful of the side effects. I took anavar for six days while on my first test cycle and had to stop due to the terrible anxiety attacks it gave me, (I am prone to anxiety and have taken meds to control it in the past). Therefore, I wanted to stick to something like Primo or Mast, but preferably Mast since it’s cheaper and seems to deliver similar results.

    I was looking at doing Test/Mast for 10-12 weeks at 500mg each and continuing to use the HCG and Arimidex at their current dose. Then post cycle I would just go back to my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) regimen.

    Your thoughts/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.


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    diet and cardio is what you need to drop that bf%
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    IMO and IME skinny fucks come on cycle and look good the whole time getting big. Drop the BF, then cycle.

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    There is a good post/sticky up by DAWG about peoples expectations of using AAS compounds for "cutting" and how it is mostly unrealistic.... there is no "silver bullet" to your extra BF% you want to lose. Certain things can HELP you lose that along with hard work (i.e.: cardio & diet) things like Clen, T3, Albuterol, ephedrine & some others.

    Test/Mast is a nice cycle don't get me wrong... but sounds like you may be wanting to jump onto it for the wrong reasons.

    You can EASILY drop some good BF% in no time by hooking up with one of the diet guys on board here (see 3J's Nutrition Network) I just dropped over 20lbs of fat in short order and leaned out pretty well... now packing on the muscle!

    Diet won't take long to start working for you, its cheaper than buying tons of "cutting compounds" and its something you can keep forever to STAY lean & healthy... then slam all the juice you want to start looking like CFM up there on the PRIMO

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