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14 weeks out

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    Question 14 weeks out
    currently running teste, d-Bol and deca as I had a strength event this weekend, so was looking to hold some water. bb. show 14 weeks out and at the size I am at right now, could diet down and still go in huge. not carrying much fat right now, and 6'shade under 260. question is this, been running the test too long already, but going to continue I think. what's everyone's opinion on dieting down and doing post cycle therapy (pct) at this point. I have what I need for post cycle therapy (pct), but I also have lots of primo, prop, var, dianabol and more test enanthate, if you know what I'm saying?.........

    I know the smart thing to do, but after working to gain a lot of size for this weekends event, after tomorrow my mindset will change. gained more then 20 solid pounds on this cycle, and dieting right now would not be as difficult as I am fucking sick of eating right
    by the way, been running the test for about 16 weeks, and started it with trene and eq, stopped them after 10 and 12 weeks respectively.
    opinions welcome, just try to keep the lectures to a deserved or not..haha. 42 years old, trained and used aas different times for 25 years now. competed several times as well. keep in mind, post cycle therapy (pct) was unheard of throughout most of my gym years. thanks.

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    I would just keep dosing steroids for the next 34months

    Test-e 500mg week 18
    test-prop 200mg week 914
    Var week 914 50---->80mg ED whatever you can afford and comfortable with
    Primo 600mg/PW week112
    Masteron 600mg/PW week814
    DNP week 911 at 400mg/ED or clen+t3, this part just do it whenever either start of the cycle, mid-cycle or towards the end but definitely keep it out of week12 ish because DNP's water retention can stay on for 2 weeks in some cases.

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