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    Test, Anavar, Clen & T3 - Contest prep- 16 weeks - Guidance please!
    I am 16 weeks out today.

    Diet is in check (will adjust as I stall)
    Training is in check (lifting heavy, safely)
    Cardio is minimal right now (will adjust as I stall)
    Resting as required.

    5' 11"
    Weight 189
    Lean mass 166 (bod pod tested)
    Goal weight 172-175 (more concerned with my look than my weight or bf%)

    On hand:
    Test Cyp (running 200mg twice /week)
    Test Prop (for last 6 weeks)
    Arimidex 1 mg daily
    Anavar (50mg x 200 - enough to run 100mg for 12 weeks)
    Cytomel (pharm caps)
    Clen (pharm caps)
    Letro for last 2 weeks

    MY question is in regards to the T3 most specifically.
    My research has lead me to believe that T3 should only be ran for 6 weeks (though some guys run it for longer)
    To preserve muscle I'll be running the test and anavar, and keeping calories slightly higher that normal.

    With 16 weeks should I start T3 now for 6 weeks, then take a month off, then go another 5 weeks?
    Should I just wait for the last 6 weeks?

    Should I do 6 weeks now and then rely on the clen from that point?

    Looking for some guidance.

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    I wouldn't take time off t3...just start at 12.5 mcg and up the dose by 12.5 mcg as needed...don't go over 75mcg and make sure to taper down slowly as well

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