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    Blood pressure high
    Need help I'm on test e 400 mg a week third week and noticed BP 150/106 already taking fish oil 2000mg . Any thing else to help bring it down. Also don't know if this matters but have not started liquidex yet I have it on hand. By the way my normal BP is 136/86. Thanks for input stats 35 yo 170 first cycle

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    Drink more water, cut down on salty foods (processed food in general) take hawthorn berry, cut out stimulants, start taking your liquidex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You mad Bro View Post
    Drink more water, cut down on salty foods (processed food in general) take hawthorn berry, cut out stimulants, start taking your liquidex.
    this^^ plus 1200-2400mg of Red Yeast Rice,a 81mg baby aspirin at night,and i would jump your fish oil up to 5000mg/day,thats what i use,but im on high BP meds to,and still havet to use OTC supplements,even with diet,no salt........drink a shit load of water,and eat all your veggies out of bags instead out of cans

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    If you get your chicken breast out of frozen bags watch the salt content many include a brine as a preservative
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    Alright I used this during my ph and cycles, example i ran tren and test, tren for 9 weeks and my bp was 114/75, 115/66. I used PCT assist, buy it off It helps with bp,liver,prostate, acne. i really hope you buy it, its only $24 and it will really benefit you.
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    what every one else already said haha.... i too have bp issues during cycles. if the otc supps dont bring it down then Do go to your dr and get some meds to bring it down.
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    run your Aromatase inhibitor (AI) along side bro!!!!!! and as stated above watch your sodium intake and drink lots of water
    i would say u are now bloating like a motherfucker and causing your bp to elevate, def run your Aromatase inhibitor (AI) along side!

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    Damn that's high. Mine is 117/69 on cycle whitout dbol. With dbol I get 134/84 and I consider this high for myself.

    Take a look into magnesium for sure. I take equal part calcium/magnesium pills everyday since a couple years and it helps.

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    N2 Guard - the one support supplement to rule them all is FINELY here!

    Grab a bottle of this and start taking it anytime you run a cycle...period! This is the all in one cycle support supplement and rest assured your BP will come down.

    needto139 for 15% off, order it today and it will be in your mailbox on Tuesday-Wednesday.

    Here is a brief overview on what it can do for you:

    Cholesterol Control
    Blood Pressure Regulator
    Anti Water Retention
    Ergogenic Adaptogens
    Antioxidant and Cell Repair
    Receptor Up-regulation
    Liver Protection
    Complete RDA of Vitamins and Minerals
    Better Kidney Function and Protection
    Enhances and Protects Major Organs:
    Circulatory system
    Excretory system
    Immune system
    Muscular system
    Nervous system
    Reproductive system
    Skeletal system
    Digestive system
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