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    my balls don't shrink anymore
    in the past, my testicles would shrink to nothing on small dosages of anything (all within a month).

    I've been on since Nov 2011 with 1 break due to my pec tear, and my testicles seem to be full size. I'm on quite a heavy dose of test and deca, and I know that one side effect I get when on is that I take much longer to cum (1 hour compared to 15 minutes)... which happens. So I know the gear has effect.

    a) So is it possible for the balls to shrink on some cycles and not others, given the same gear?
    b) is there a relationship between shrunk up balls and sperm count?

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    possible (a) absolutely (b)

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    bro doesnt matter if your balls dont shrink or not
    your balls could look big and still have a very small sperm count
    best way to find out what is going on is a blood test, maybe have High estro floating around this time then test bro, could be the reason why but get a bloood test bra
    My balls always shrink to soya bean like size on a cycle as well, but always get a blood test to determine what is really going on, exspecially after post cycle therapy (pct), even tho my balls look full, like i said u cannot just go by the size of your nuts bro!
    on my 7th week of test c
    400mg/week and balls are shriveled like a motherfucker!
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