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    Bloodwork... Let me know what you think
    Hey fellas haven't been on in awhile hope all is well. Ive gone from 205 to about 222 at 10% in the past year.

    Cycle test e 800mg, Tren e 600mg, npp 350mg a week for the joints... all support sups for est and prolac and everything else don't

    Comprehensive ********* Panel COPC: Your Comprehensive ********* Panel COPC results are within normal limits
    (Collection Date: 07/09/2012)
    Albumin 4.9, Range: 3.5-5.0
    Alk Phos 64, Range: 23-159
    ALT 35, Range: 21-72
    AST 36, Range: 17-59
    BUN 20, Range: 8-24
    Calcium 9.5, Range: 8.5-10.5
    Chloride 98, Range: 98-107
    CO2 26.9, Range: 22.0-30.0
    Creatinine 1.3, Range: 0.3-1.4
    GFR 69, Range: >60
    Glucose 92, Range: 74-100
    Potassium 5.7, Range: 3.5-5.3
    Sodium 140, Range: 134-144
    T. Protein 8.0, Range: 6.3-8.4
    Total Bili 0.7, Range: 0.2-1.3
    EHR-CMP ***, Range:

    CBC with differential COPC: Your CBC with differential COPC results are not within normal range, but results are not significant to your health
    (Collection Date: 07/09/2012)
    BASO # 0.0, Range: 0.0-0.2
    BASO % 0.4, Range: 0.0-3.0
    EOS # 0.2, Range: 0.0-0.4
    EOS % 2.5, Range: 0.0-7.0
    HCT 42.6, Range: 42.0-52.0
    HGB 14.9, Range: 13.5-18.0
    LYMPH # 1.4, Range: 0.7-4.5
    LYMPH % 13.9, Range: 14.0-46.0
    MCH 31.5, Range: 27.0-31.0
    MCHC 35.0, Range: 32.0-36.0
    MCV 90.0, Range: 78.0-100.0
    MONO # 0.6, Range: 0.1-1.0
    MONO % 6.1, Range: 4.0-13.0
    MPV 8.5, Range: 7.4-10.4
    NEU # 7.7, Range: 1.8-7.8
    NEU % 77.1, Range: 40.0-74.0
    PLT 458, Range: 130-400
    RBC 4.73, Range: 4.20-5.80
    RDW 13.9, Range: 11.5-15.5
    WBC 9.9, Range: 3.8-10.6

    Lipid Panel COPC: Your Lipid Panel COPC results are not within normal range, but results are not significant to your health
    (Collection Date: 07/09/2012)
    Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 8.3, Range:
    Cholesterol 199, Range: <200
    HDL 24, Range: >40
    LDL-Calc 157, Range: <130
    Non-HDL Cholesterol 175, Range:
    Triglyceride 89, Range: <150
    VLDL-Calc 18, Range: <30
    ***, Range:

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    Am a professional in the medical field and your values look reasonable for everything except your HDL, which is crazy low. That is definitely because of the Tren. I have had HDL levels well below 20 when on Tren. Your BUN is a tad on the high side, but that is also because of the tren, which totally changes urine concentration (I have noticed this as well). The data that HDL contributes to cardiovascular disease is all circumstantial. In fact, the 2 most recent HDL elevating drugs that went through clinical trials failed miserably, meaning increasing your HDL was not protective whatsoever for heart disease. Hence, there are no direct scientific studies showing that HDL lowering causes heart disease or that increasing it is protective, it is all bullshit medical lore based on propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry, and data based only in genetically defective people with hypercholesterolemia, who can show levels in excess of 400 typically. No direct evidence in normal people that HDL or even total cholesterol contributes to heart disease. IN fact, half of all people that suffer a heart attack have normal cholesterol.

    You are good to go bro, your results look fine. Keep your anti-Es going. Estrogen is way worse than test for risk of prostate and other related cancers.

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