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    deca for second cycle
    Hi i want to star second cycle my first cycle is-
    testosterone enthate 500 mg/w for 10 weeks
    dianabol 20 mg/day for first 4 weeks

    I done this cycle with proper pct
    now after gap of 14 weeks i want start a new cycle
    I have 18 % body fat when start my first cycle but with good diet and hardwork i reduce 3% bf during in last 3 months(after cycle)
    my second cycle plan-
    dianabol 30 mg/day for fist 4 week
    tesosterone 500mg/week for 14 week
    deca durobolin 300 mg/week for 13 week
    hcg 500 iu /w during cycle and 500 iu daily for 10 days after last pin
    pct of 4 weeks.
    clomid 50 50 50 50
    nolva 40 40 20 20
    I will try to reduse more body fat afer this cycle.
    my status
    age 29
    experience of lifting weight 6 year
    body fat 15%
    body weight 187
    bench press 270*4
    squat 374*8
    plz give your suggestions thanx

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    I would up both the deca and dbol, 300mg of deca is a dose used to keep you a little "wet", I wouldn't use anything under 500mg EW. 30mg of dbol is on the light side, but you will see something. I run it at 75mg EW for 6 weeks, with liver supps and never had any issues with blood work. I use 1000iu a week of HCG, and I stop the last day of the last need to go past it for 10 days, IMHO. I would also dump the nolva, just keep it on hand just in case. You may want to consider some caber or prami with your deca, or when running any 19nor to help with prolactin sides. Lastly, you need and AI...adex or aromasin will work fine. Aromasin is much stronger, thus called a suicide Aromatase inhibitor (AI). I do well on both. I use adex when on, and aromasin for PCT. Good luck.


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