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    tren a test p anavar cycle cals
    I'm at the end of week 1 of the following cycle: so far i'm up 8lbs and body fat is showing the same if not slightly higher

    Week 1-12 test p.9mg ED
    Week 1-12 tren A .6ED
    Weeks 1-12 anavar 100 - 150mg ED (50mg pill)
    Weeks 2-12 T3 25mgs ED
    Armidex .5mg EOD weeks 2 -12

    i was going to call this cycle a day at week 8 because of my girlfriend booking us a holiday at the end of that 8th week as i didnt fancy smuggling virals and needles n syringes in my case

    This cycle was due to be a bulking cycle which i hoped i could gain muscle with minimal BF maybe 1 or 2 %. Currently my BF is around 20% which is quite isolated to the stomach.

    My question is that now with this holiday coming up i may switch this cycle over to a cutting cycle, and take a fist full of anavar on hols with me.

    My diet at present is 6 meals and a few shakes on top,

    mutant mass 1000 50 1st meal
    5 pouched egg and 3 toast 700 31.5 2nd meal
    chcken boobies and veg 1300 200 3rd 5th 6th meal
    tuna and banana 300 34 4th meal
    shake 200 60
    shake 200 50

    tots cals 3600 pro 425

    I was reluctant to higher the cals as i dont want any more BF though i reckon closer to 5000 cals would be optimum for me 6ft 7'' 266LBS

    would this diet be ok for cutting if i just added cardio 4-5 times per week or should i look to lower cals also like dropping the mutant mass???

    i also have aload of t3 on hand to add


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    no-one help on this one???

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    Change it up!

    #1 eat more real protein (man made protein always produces a thick midsection (for me anyway).

    #2 take in a protein/fat meal for your last meal of the day or last two meals (lean meats and avocado or nuts).

    #2 do not carb deplete like that, IMO your crabs are really low and can create a state where your body stores it.

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    With all honesty I think your diet is terrible. Too many shakes and not enough carbs as mike said. Did you know protein shakes actually spikes your insulin? Yes, spiking insulin at the wrong time will in fact make you fat. Not to mention your cortisol is ejaculating all over ur body without enough carbs. Shit, I was losing bf on my test only cycle and I was eating a lot. Eat more meals, no shakes, and spread meals out more. Get 8 meals or so. Hope this helps.

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    Any suggestions or comments
    i'm 5'10 220lbs and have done many different cycles but new to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and T3

    Anastrozol .25mg/ed Week 1 - 10
    Winstrol 50mg/ed week 1 - 10
    Tren E 400mg/week week 1 - 10
    Test E 500mg/week week 1 - 10
    HCG 500IU/week week 1 -10
    T3 50mcg/ed week 3 - 10
    Anavar 60mg/ed week 4 - 10 and 20mg/ed week 11
    Clen 80mcg week 1,2 - 5,6 - 9,10,11
    Nolvadex 30mg/ed week 11,12,13
    clomid 100mg/ed week 11 and 50mg/ed week 12,13

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