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    Manipulation of cortisol method?
    So I found an interesting study regarding cortisol as well as other hormones. Check this out.
    Research debunks bodybuilding myth: Growth-promoting hormones don't stimulate strength
    So I was thinking of splitting my workout and working out twice a day in order to manipulate cortisol to maximize my gains. My workouts are usually 12-15 sets for large muscles and anywhere from 5-10 sets for smaller muscles. My routine is this-
    Day 1: back and chest
    Day 2: off
    Day 3: cardio or off
    Day 4: arms
    Day 5: legs
    Day 6: shoulders
    Day 7: off
    I was thinking about lets say back and chest, split it up in 2 workouts. In the morning do back and evening chest. This method is also geared towards post cycle therapy (pct) and off cycle and possibly on cycle. Btw, my weight lifting workouts are usually an hour and I do 10-15 minutes of cardio after. Thoughts?
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    Shit if you got time to do 2-a-days I say go for it...As far as cardio after weight lifting, I wait ~30min after I'm done lifting to let my heart cool down, take my sweet ass time stretching, sip part of my post-wo shake, then hammer the cardio.

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