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    Quote Originally Posted by dsa8864667 View Post
    Why dont you just get blood work done to see where your at.
    Precycle blood test results. Feedback appreciated

    There is the link, this is all anyone should need to see as to what kind of bloods come back for bros on Pinnacle!!!! 1364 at a meager 200mg per week of Test.............. So...........

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    i agree with everyone else it has to be diet. I just eat and eat and eat on cycle. For example yesterday i ate:

    protein shake w/ banana peanut butter milk tbspn milled flax 8am
    sunrise wrap from subway with whole egg 9am
    chobani yogurt with high protein granola mixed in 10:30
    tuna fish sandwhich 11:30
    went to the gym 12:30
    protein shake 12oz milk 2 scoops of muscle milk 1:45
    a massive grilled chicken tender sub with bbq sauce 2:30
    large tub plain chobani yogurt with kashi mixed in 4:30
    4 chicken thighs with 2 corn cobs 6:30
    3 cheese sticks & chicken breast 8:00
    a protein shake same as AM before bed w vitamins and fish oil 9:30-10

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