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    Do steroids increase/decrease vertical jump?
    I was wondering if AAs/PHs have any effect on vertical jump. I know the strength and weight gains are undeniable. But what about your athelticsm?

    You become bigger and stronger, but do you become faster and jump higher?

    I was thinking at first all the extra pump you would be jumping out the gym. But, the extra weight, would iyour body not be used to it?

    I know nothing of steroid gains, but I do know that weighted squats dont increase vertical really (just ask any pro basketball player.) but instead plyometrics do.

    So the squat gain difference really wouldn't do much at all. But say you do plyometrics on the juice. Is your plyometrics efforts going to be increased too?

    Would like some input from someone who has had experience with this.

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    Running speed and jumping height have more to do with how far your ligaments stretch than how strong the muscle is. You will probrably gain more vert praticing your jumps than squating, but stronger legs just have to translate somehow. I just don't think you will gain like an inch of height per 100lbs or anything like that. I'm sure its hard to find research about this but GL.

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    i think if you do your plyometrics while on steroids, then your vert should improve faster than without. although if it is a function of tendons and ligaments, then steroids might increase your risk of injury. fuck i dunno man, I tore my ACL about 2.5 months after doing a 2 week cycle (I didnt finish the cycle, decided it wasnt opportune time. still did pct and all tho) wonder if it was related

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