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    Would there be any benifet of using sus250 and test e at same time?
    I did 2 shots of sus before i switched over to Test e because i knew my test e was legit and was weary of the sus. Im using 200mg of deca a week aswell. Im shooting the test e and deca on monday and thursday. Should i add in 250mg of sus on wed. So do eod injection of mon(test e and deca) wed(250mg sus250) and friday 250mg of test e and 100mg deca

    500mg test e
    250mg sus
    200mg deca

    Would i notice anything. Even if the sus im using is fake surely it wouldnt be bad would it

    runing armidex 0.25mg eod, and working fine

    nolva and clomid

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    Sustanon is test just like enanthate so you would just be increasing your test dose. As far as benefit it's not like you are using 3 different compounds, it would still just be test/deca.

    You can mix esters as you please but however you decide to mix them, do so consistently so you are not messing up hormone levels, which is where sides come in.

    So say you shoot E on M//T, that keeps serum t levels pretty consistent. Then you add sustanon, and those four esters are releasing at different times, so you go from a steady dose to more spike and decreases, but with sustanon it's designed to shoot once a week or less so yes if you either do it with your E dose or on another day by itself is fine but stay consistent with the day you chose.

    So TE- M/T
    D - M/T
    Sust - Wed or Sat (pick one)


    TE/deca/Sustanon- 1/1/.5 Monday and Thursday.

    Don't make it over complicated like I just did lol. You want levels to remain stable to keep sides down.

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