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need help

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    need help
    Hi my name is Carlos,
    I`m 28 years old 5,10 165 pounds.

    i`m trying to gain 10-15 pounds and i`d like to know what steroid and how much would help me achieve this goal.

    like 5 years ago i was trying to do the same and i got a membership at a gym and i worked out a lot drank protein shakes worked out with people that knew how to work out and in 2 years of trying it i did not gain not even 1 pound so i quit.

    i was very disappointed, 2 years, drinking protein shakes, eating more than normal working out a lot and did not gain anything wow.

    i`ve been very skinny all my life.

    please help i don`t want to look huge or anything i just want to gain maybe 2 inches in diameter around my arms not too much.

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    Your calorie intake is too low. The whole point of using steroids is to increase protein synthesis. This way you can build more muscle by using more protein which require more carbs to metabolize. Without the materials ( food) it will not work.

    I understand you have tried in the past but give it little longer. If you TRULY work on your diet and TRULY try as hard as you can everyday you will gain weight. If you cannot do this you should not take AAS and find a different hobby.

    I think you can gain naturally. 165 is very very light. Go check out the diet section and read for about a week. Go grocery shopping and apply what you have learned. Eat right for 3 months. At 165 you SHOULD be able to put on 4 lbs a month. In 3 months there is your 15lbs no roids required.

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    Hi Carlos and welcome to ology!

    You were not eating enough real food is surely the problem here. Protein drinks are handy for post work outs IMO. a quick rush of protein just when the body needs it most. Other times they are useless to me, real food trumps powder in a tub any day!

    We probably need to get your diet in check first and then we can discuss running a basic test only cycle.

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    What zeek said

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