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    Why is a real AI better than an OTC AI?
    Simply put because the real kind works and the fake kind does not.

    Take it from me with first-hand experience.

    As a newb to the world of steroids, I bought "Arimedex" from the local supplement shop.

    I posted here how I had bought it, and was told repeatedly to throw it in the garbage.

    I took it anyways and swore by it, even stating that I wasn't bloating or anything.

    On my current cycle I'm running real Aromasin at 12.5 EOD, and looking at pictures from then and now,...yikes. I was severely bloated before hahahaha.

    My point is, for any newbs out there wondering if the "high-end" stuff from the GNC's etc are of any use at all, the answer is no, not while you're taking real steroids at least lol.
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    the key word in your post was REAL. if its not real it isnt going to half these so called liquid crap is fake are very underdosed as well. stick with real hg products. so what you pay more. its your body after all use real stuff.

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