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oral turinabol

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    oral turinabol

    first post and tentatively entering the world of steroids..

    i have got some oral turinabol... i am very lean anyway and am not after putting on masses of muscle, but some good hard gains and a general boost to me getting ripped would be nice..

    i have had a dig around the forums, apologies if anything has been asked before..

    my diet and training are spot on..

    i was thinking about running a 4 week cycle, first 3-4 days 30mg per day, then up to 40-50 per day... i am on milk thistle and dont plan on drinking for this period...

    am i at risk of gyno? i guess not due to no aromatisation

    its the post cycle therapy (pct) which confuses me - someone said i dont need it as t bol is mild, someone said i do... what do i take, for how long for and where do i get it...

    also, any advice on the cycle great thanks

    all help appreciated


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    thanks will have a look!!

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