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    Too Young For HGH? If So Why??
    i posted a thread a while back of my spring cycle layout, in the mix of things i got some HGH to throw in bc i figured it couldnt hurt and why not try it....

    however i spoke to one of my gym buddies and hes telling me 23 is too young to use hgh i should wait untill im 30....

    if that is the case can some explain why in better terms than "just because" which is basically the response i received.

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    HGH can't show his potency of growing factor before you stopped definitly your maturation.

    you will get grow of jaws, vertebre desorder, and others malformation (liver and kidney to)... unsafe. after 28 yearsold your hormonal statu will be stable and then rhgh will help to construct new fiber of muscles only.

    it's regulated by your hypophisis gland.
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    Your body is still producing optimal levels of hgh right now. You're still young so the anti aging effects are useless and your joints are still healthy. The only way someone your age will benefit from hgh is running it at a bulking amount which is like 8-14 iu a day. At this point your looking for those pronounced hgh side effects like Kane mentioned. Plus you talking big money for a 7 month cycle of 10iu.
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    well i have 400iu so i guess my best be is to scratch that off my cycle, thanks kane and h2g ill be patient and stock up when im 30 so i get an actual benefit out of it...

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