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    Exclamation How much Sust/Week? Need help
    Hey guys, so it is between 500 and 750. My last cycle I started with 500 and went up to 750 (got very nice gains), but I was told that is not good to do and that I should keep to one dose per week. Im think about every tuesday and friday (which I feel is too far of a wait due to the short esters) or shooting up e3d, so monday, thursday, sunday, wednesday, saturday etc.... but I feel as though that will confuse the hell out of me. So please, any opinions would be awesome!
    Stats: 5'9
    2nd cycle (1st was Sustanon (sust) only 167lbs-193lbs)
    max bench: 345
    max squat: 325 (bad knees)

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    Sust e3d for me everyone has opinion but that's me and I don't like Sustanon (sust) either. If your getting gains you don't need o pin a gram add a compound or keep it simple

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