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    Insulin bodybuilding diabetes
    Insulin and bodybuilding

    Im a type 1 diabetic and was wondering how i use my insulin for better gains ? Can someone explain this to me in detail please? I have been doing alot of reading about bodybuilders with diabetes and peoples claims that insulin helps with great gains..

    Im on Novarapid and lantus and my illness is really well controlled.

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    I don't know how it would work with someone who is diabetic.... but in general people will inject around 7-10IU depending on bodyweight. I think it's around 1IU per 20 pounds lean body mass. That is for humalin-R, I don't know what the dosing is for humalog or any of the other types of insulin. Post workout is the best time to do it. Many go pre workout but this is very dangerous and should typically be left to professionals only. Your glucose levels drop quickly while you are working out, and as I am sure you know, insulin will drop your glucose levels quickly. Combined these 2 factors can kill you. I would do some serious research before using these types of doses. Basically it is going to push protein, carbs, fat, and creatine into your cells at a greatly accelerated rate. You can find lots of info on insulin on these forums. I would suspect that it would be safer to use it as a type 1 diabetic than type 2, because you don't have a problem with receptors, you have a problem with making insulin at all, so you wouldn't be further worsening your problem.... this is just speculation though so I would do some SERIOUS research... like months before you do this. You can die. It happens all the time. for reals. Good luck! Let me know if you have more questions after you use the search feature.
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