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    Lightbulb How to take Anasolut? Liquid Arimidex
    Hey guys, im about to start a second cycle of Test E 500 mg a week every monday and thursday and i was going to take Deca 300 but i decided not to because of he kind of sport i do it will be really hard on my joints if i gain 15 or 20 pounds or more.

    I have Anasolut
    Anastrozole research solution 60ml
    Technical specification: 1mg/ml
    Total Anastrozole content: 60mg Total

    And Clomsolut
    Clomifene research solution 60ml
    Technical specification: 50mg/ml
    Total Clomifene content: 3000mg Total

    As a Pct now my question is how do you drink this? How do messuare it? How do make 25mg of liquid anasolut? I heard people messuare it with a insulin syringe or count the droops. Any idea? Have you try this product before?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Just go get some oral syringes

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    I got one that came with the bottles, it's says 0.5ml 1.0 ml how do you calculate 25mg?
    Ima try to get a insulin syringe they say it has the exact messuarment. If you got any other idea....

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    i think you mean 25mcg not 25mg you'd have to drink half the bottle
    in a 1ml dropper you would take .25 same with an oral syringe

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