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    Rookie Question. Estro Blockers or Clomid???
    I am on my second week of my cycle taking 1cc Decca, 1ccTest 250, 1cc stanabol. Iam totally new to this and was wondering what would be the best for me to take??? Iam 23 166lbs 5'11". Any help will much appreciated. Thanks

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    Your going to need to elaborate. 1cc means nothing when we don't know what the mg per ml ratio is. First cycle should be test only. But you should have gotten your diet in check before you cycled. At 5'11'' and 166lbs your diet and or training is def way off. For on cycle you need an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) like aromasin. Serms like clomid are for post cycle therapy (pct). Do you even know what post cycle therapy (pct) is?

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    You need to read all the stickies at the top of the forum to educate yourself. Check out the "am I ready for gear?" ......

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    Best thing for you to take is food with those stats

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