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Adex dosage

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    Adex dosage
    about 10 weeks in on 500mg test E and switching to mast prop and test prop soon to end and for a smooth transition into pct.

    at the moment im still gaining decent amounts of (water) weight. weighing in at 215 at 5'10" and like i said its still coming up, had decent vascularity and hardness before i started and now im like the michelin man lol, looks good in a sweater but not so much shirtless. i was using provi as an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) but that didnt do much, switched to adex .5 EOD about 10 days ago but it hasnt done much. should i up the dose to .5 ED or 1mg ED? half life suggests ED instead of EOD i guess.

    when i switch to mast it should help lower estro a bit right?
    ive already lowered my carbs by 15-20%, calories seem good since i am not adding fat (opposite actually)

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    Bump it to Ed. 1mg is too much IMO. You should of ran aromasin but adex will work. How's your water intake? You shouldn't of blew up that much off of 500 mg of test bro. Make sure you're getting plenty of water and cut down on salt and really make sure your diets in check.

    Why are you running prop at the end of your cycle? Seems like you're asking for more sides switching esters like that at the end. How long you planning on running masteron?

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    Adex needs 7-10 days to start showing results. It actually has close to 72 hour half life so if it's not showing any results in the next 5 days try bumping it to .5 ED for a while. You won't be able to get rid of all the water doing this but it should help. Proviron and mast are not really an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and although they may help some it's thru a different route. Mast/proviron lower SHBG which in turn will leave more free test and that extra amount did not convert to estro so it's not really reducing estro but by leaving more free test there is less to convert.

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