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    Hard lump at injection site
    Last Wednesday, I did my second pin -- first time in my left glute. Looks like I may not have pinned quite in the right spot. I pinned a little further forward and lower than I should have.

    After a day or so, I noticed a lump had developed there but I thought it might just be because I didn't massage it much after the pin. Well, over a week later, the lump is still there. It's not red and it's not itchy and it's not very painful. It's a little sore if I put some pressure on it.

    Any ideas? I'm not thinking abscess since I make sure everything I use is sterile before I pin. Just did my second pin in my left glute yesterday morning (in the correct spot) with no issues.

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    Dw about it, lumps are a common occurance.

    If it was soft, squishy, red, and hot; then you should start to worry because that would be an infection

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    That's what I figured. The lump has just a hint of red so I had a feeling it wasn't an infection. Just seems weird that it's lasted over a week now.

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    Abscess doesn't mean infection. You can have an oil abscess, in the presence of a hard lump at the injection site. When that lump becomes red/itchy then it's now an infection. An oil abscess should dissipate over time, sometimes a week. Move it around, warm the area. I wouldn't worry to much bro, I've had them before too.

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