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    Different types of testosterone
    I've been really happy with test E. I have used it for the base of the 4 cycles I've been on and am woundering if I would benefit from trying test prop or cypionate instead. Other then having sorter lived esters making easier to judge there half life whats the benefit / differences. Any recommendations?

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    If Test E is working well for you i'd stick with it. Test E and Cyp are pretty much the same thing. Prop has a shorter half life so it kicks in faster and leaves you're system faster. Prop needs to be injected more frequently. Test is test though so imo there isn't any other added benifit to changing types.

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    Just so we are clear, test is test. There arent different types. The only difference is the ester attached and that determines the timing of it release. As stated E and C pretty much have the same half life so easily interchangeable. Prop is fast to clear your system.

    Basically the decision you have is how often you want to pin. Guys start thinking prop is used for cutting or provides less bloat and e and c are for bulking. This is all myth. You either want to pin eod or twice a week, it's as simple as that.

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