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    Well I wouldnt do calves I think it would f up my walking too much, what about your glutes bro? Other than that man, traps and chest. Thats uncharted territory for me.

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    Funky - Only just noticed the guy in the first series of pics injected while tensed, OUCH!

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    I've used 5/8" and 1" delts/chest, 5/8" seems fine IMO. Quad shots never worked for me, gave up on them long ago, they work great for many just not me. Only doing one shot a week I'm not concerned with trying to find tons of spots to shoot, since I have 8 that work well enough. Triceps I did several times but almost always found veins, nerve network is seemingly dense too.
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    I prefer pec injections. They are just easy everything is right there or you.
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    yeah... im going to find some new spots next cycle. only a few more weeks so i dont wanna mess with virgin muscles right at the end.

    thanks all

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